My Favorite Things: Make Up edition

I was inspired this morning by Miss A’s Free Skin Advice. She asked for mascara/liner advice and I’m pretty sure I wrote her a novel, which had me thinking I’ve been so busy talking about boys and friends and houses, that I never write about beauty duty. Here are my current favorite things for getting pretty post shower. *I have lots of favorite shower type beauty duty. Another blog, another day.

Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish– I don’t use this daily, but if you have days that you’re going to have make up on all day long it’s a good addition to your routine!

Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier is the hands down best. You don’t even feel like you have on makeup when you’re wearing it. Plus it has 15 SPF in it to protect your pretty face from aging!

Blush: NARS in Deep Throat is amazing. A lot of people flip over Orgasm, but I think that Deep Throat is a little less pinky. I also mix it up with NARS Luster or MAC’s Buff. I don’t really wear bronzer, so sorry I have no recommendations there. I’m pretty fair complected, so sometimes bronzer looks dirty on me.

Eye Shadow: I’m always mixing it up. I think MAC has the best pigment for all day wear. The greatest to keep it on all day is MAC’s Paint Pots. The colored ones are fun, but I wear Soft Ochre every day. It dries fairly quick and unlike other cream shadows it doesn’t crease.

Mascara: I have a theory on that I have to switch up my mascara because my eyes get accustom to one kind and then it quits working. I know I’m crazy. But that being said I’ve tried about a million different mascaras. Bag Gal Lash from Benefit is holding down first place, but in a close second is MAC’s Plush Lash. Mostly because it’s only $11 and I buy mascara every 8 weeks or so.

Perfume: Smelling pretty is just as important as looking pretty. Tiff started wear Flower Bomb almost 3 years ago and I fell in love with it. Once I moved away, I decided I was allowed to steal her scent. It’s delicious and was the official fragrance of the Kentucky Derby. You can only get this at a few department stores like Nordys or Saks. A little pricey, but totally worth it.

PS-What are your favorites?

7 responses to “My Favorite Things: Make Up edition

  1. I left a comment on Miss A’s blog too, but I love questions like this!

    Foundation- bare Escentuals. Or Mac. I find that Mac has great colors that actually match my skin.

    Eyeshadow- I’m ditto’ing mac. But also the company ‘bedhead’ (who’s more known for hair products) makes eyeshadow and IT’S WONDERFUL! The pigment is really rich so it lasts forever and it has great color selection.

    Mascara-I’m a voluminous girl. I’ve tried everything and it’s my favorite. Plus, the price is definitely right.

    lipgloss- I’m a lipgloss whore (my latest post shows just a sampling of what I love) but my current favourite is the lime one by philosophy. Or, the Aussie brand ‘Bloom’ makes great colors that feel smooth, not sticky.

    Okay, I could go on and on, but I think I should wrap it up. I will be back to check out what other people think.

  2. oooh I am loving the circle of make-up advice! I’m hopeless with make-up so I’m definitely going to take some of your advice to the shop with me!!!! x

  3. sexy lexi words it out

    I agree that the hype over NARS Orgasm is indeed, just hype. I have a darker complextion so I use Amour in addition to Orgasm to tone down the pinkness.

    Bad Gal Lash holds first in my book as well, I’ve tried all of the new stuff that you can get in drugstores because I buy the pink and green mascara to keep in my car or purse and they’re all moving towards a plastic wand, which to me is a waste of plastic.

    As far as makeup as a whole, I’m a Bare Escentuals girl. It’s wonderful because they have a whole store and it’s right next to Nordstrom’s shoes. Even if you don’t use all of their products, some products are worth keeping handy – Mineral Veil. It’s light and it smooths out the small imperfections and helps blend your blush/foundation/eyeshadow with each other for a very natural look.

    Also, I don’t know if you already do this, but I always prime my eyelashes with white eyeshadow, which keeps the mascara looking both longer and thicker without clumping.

    I’ve been dying to try Photo Finish, but I was hesitant it wasn’t worth it. Now, I’ll definitely pick it up on my next Sephora spree.

    Oh, I could on forever – Great make up choices! I love reading realistic make up critiques.

  4. Jamie Lovely

    I got a sample size of that primer but it’s green to reduce redness. so far I am loving it!

  5. love the products…I need to check them out. Any great under eye cream? I need something that is going to reduce wrinkles, take away puffiness and make me look wide awake. Man, i sound like an old woman! help a sister out

  6. Working Girl Two

    oooo, now i really want to try that flower bomb perfume. kentucky derby you say? right up my alley!

  7. Brandy-We have the same lip gloss fetish. I’m curring loving Philosophy in Pomegranite right now. It’s delicious. I also like MAC Plushglass becuse it’s a little plump without killing your lips!

    Miss A- You’ll have to keep us all up on what you like!

    Lexi- Get a trial size of photo finish. It’s like $15 and lasts forever. I don’t use it daily. Also, I’ve been dying to try the Bare line…I see it every time I leave Nordstrom and always want to stop. Perhaps this weekend I will!

    Jamie-I’ve never tried the shades. But once upon a time I needed to cover a bruise and green was the best to go for redness. I think the primer comes in other colors as well!

    Becky-I’ve only ever used MAC eye cream and it was pretty good. I’ve also heard that Benefit has a good one.

    Working Girl- You will love love love Flower Bomb it’s delicious. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by!

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