With a Little Help.

This week I’m all about music. Songs seem to be singing my life to me these days. Today’s pick…
I get by with a little help from my friends.
-John Lennon
Thanks to my blogging buddies…Hope, Hannah, and Jamie…the wine and hugs were in great need.
To my Charlotte girls MO, SAS, ET, C&C and Woody. I would stay in my house and rot without you.
To my far off friends. You’re the greatest. It’s true what they say…your real friends are always your friends, regardless of distance. 4354 and Sue- I love you. Period. Mere-I love you x 1 million. Tina Tina- Missing you tons. When I write the story of my life, you’ll get the first copy. LJ and Fam-You’re great. Di and Bug-I love you both more than you know.
Finally, Jules. You’re amazing. You always know how to pick me up. When I got home on Tuesday, there were these sitting on my front door…

Followed up by the greatest poem ever written.

Many boys will come and go.

They may leave you for nurses, teachers or HO’s .

But there is always one person that you can call whenever….

Don’t forget your friends are forever.


It’s taking all that I have to not break down and cry as I type this now. Not to mention that my week has continued in a downward spiral. Hope’s trainer may have said it best when he told her to “Share the weight“. Thanks to all of you who have shared my weight this week. I truly don’t know what I would do without my friends. They’re pretty much the most incredible girls in America! I love you.




One response to “With a Little Help.

  1. Oh, they ARE pretty. I just hope things plane out for you soon.

    He doesn’t deserve you anyway! I think I speak for all your friends when I say, that’s what we are here for!

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