Pop Tarts and Panty Drops

Sitting pool side with the Pop Tarts in Miami (blogging via blackberry) we see and adorable chunky blonde toddler. She’s walking over to her mother excited for pool time despite the clouds in the sky.
She gets about 10 feet away from her mother before she drops her pants! Leaving a cute white bottom for all to see. She was looking like she was out of an old Coppertone ad.

Mom to child:Pull your pants up. We’ve talked about this!

PT3: How stinkin cute is that?

PT2: Why do I feel like that’s going to be a problem that follows her for life?

PT1: Who are you kidding, you still have that problem!

PT1,2,3: Baaaahaaaa hahahaha. (With PT3 snorting a little while she laughs).

***Moral of the Story…some things in life never change.


2 responses to “Pop Tarts and Panty Drops

  1. You are right…some things never change. Except recently there hasn’t been an over abundance of panty dropping on my behalf. In fact, I have been holding on to them for dear life! Wow! Can you believe I just said that?

  2. That’s really cute.

    Why is it cute when toddler do it, but trashy when teens+ do it?

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