Beautiful Boy

Addiction is something that I never truly could comprehend. I try to believe that you can control far more in your life than you will ever think that you can, but drug addiction seems to be something that takes you in it’s wrath and slowly but surely eats you alive.

When I was in a freshman college, I had a friend who lived lived larger than life. She had an addictive personality that made her fun and intriguing. As time passed, we made new friends and grew apart. Her new friends and life lead her down a winding path of cocaine. She had to be taken away for treatment and has been sober for almost 5 years. When I realized that addiction can take anyone, I became more and more interested in trying to understand it. Why can some people drink or dabble in small drugs (not that they should), while others can’t?
By David Sheff
David Sheff’s story speaks to addiction from a different point of view. He speaks to how you can try to do everything in your power to raise children in a loving, trusting home and still not be able to help them they way that you want to when drugs take over. This book shows the raw, relentless journey to overcome one of life’s largest hurdles. It tugged at my heartstrings just reading it, I can’t imagine living it.

One response to “Beautiful Boy

  1. Wow, I agree with you. Addiction is SO scary. It’s so easy to get hooked on drugs. Which is why I NEVER EVER want to try any of them. Not even smoke a cigarrette.

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