Conversations at the Convent of CS

Sis: So, do I hear you’ve quit dating all together?

CS: That’s right…

Woody: She’s a Nun.

CS: No more boys. I’m joining the convent!

Sis: No more boys? Or you’re just getting “NONE!”

Dr. C: That’s a new take on it!

I may be joining the convent with CS soon! In fact, I may be an honorary member!


2 responses to “Conversations at the Convent of CS

  1. jenniferalaine

    SATC was full of amazing style (as expected!) I know the message boards were buzzing about the “LOVE” wall hanging. It’s a rug by the rug company ( it’s about $2500. I’m waiting for a poster version!

  2. At the rate I’m going…
    I’ll be turning in
    my dancing heels
    and little dresses,
    for a black and white
    habit in no time.

    See ya there, girl!

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