You all deserve Panties!

I thought that I’d had some bad dates in my days…but you have all proved to me that you have all suffered the worst!

I wish I had the dollars to send you all Hanky Pankies….

Playful Professional: You have me fearing blind dates, but hopeful that they may have a hot roommate! PS- Who’s idea was it to have an overnight first/blind date? Slightly odd.

Jamie: I feel like you were blessed to not ever make it on that date…he sounds super lame.

Amanda: No date should ever end up in the ER!

Jennifer Alaine: Isn’t it sad to look back at the silly boys who broke our heart in high school? Looking back at how sad I was from some of those boys…

Brookem: I’m so glad you played anyway! WOW…who does that? Seriously! I mean…if you’re not sure about someone, let it go? I hope he had a good HOH at least! PS- This week’s man is so super hot!

And the winners are…

Miss Megan: I have no tolerance for boys without manners…it seems like even after the worst dates, they always think that they should come in…as if because they paid for an outing they deserve a goodnight kiss…seriously? Ugh. I picked this one because I recently had a similar situation…aka the pirate..

Jules: WOW buddy. Jules is one of my real life BFF’s. I don’t think it’s fair to pick her…but her date stole her meds! EEEKKK! She went through a period of serious hard core dating…I know that this story is only one of many bad, bad dates!

Miss Megan…Send me your address when you can!

I can’t wait to see how you both Pay it Forward!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy dating!


4 responses to “You all deserve Panties!

  1. Thank you, Thank you!! I will send you my email address when I get home from work! Again Thanks,

    Miss Megan

  2. Check out my blog… I started my Pay It Forward…

  3. he actually did have a good HOH (thank god!!!)

  4. Wooo.
    Congrats to the winners.

    Enjoy your Pay It Forward

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