Does that make me CRAZY???

After winning my Hanky Panky Pay It Forward, Miss Megan started her own Pay It forward. Be sure to check her out here!

She wants to know about your crazy ex or how you were crazy to your ex! Let her know to get the goods!

I’ve taken myself out of the running, as I just had my own Pay-It-Forward. However, I’ve been known to drive a few men crazy, as well as act a bit BANANAS! To save face, I’ve decided not to post about my acts of craziness, but belive me there have been a few! Instead I’m going to tell the story of how a drove a man’s girlfriend to a new level of crazy!

The Story of the Italian Stallion

I was introduced the Italian Stallion the summer before my junior year of high school. He was handsome, had a good HOH, and a super cute/ super large Italian family just as one would suspect! We met through friends and we hit it off right away. We went on dates, house parties, and were having a blast for about a month…that was when I found out about the Terrible T!

We were at a party, and I was mingling with of his private school friends that I hadn’t met yet.

Some one said, “You’re so sweet. T is going to eat you alive!”

“T? Who is that, and why will she want to eat me?”, I replied.

“Oh, you haven’t heard…errr…don’t worry,” said the boy.

After the convo, I looked around the house for my IS, but he was nowhere to be found. I did find my friend MJ and we sat down with a bottle of Southern Comfort and tried to figure out the mystery of T. MJ knew the IS, but didn’t really know of T either, “I think they dated for a while…but they’re totally over.” She said, “Just have some more to drink.”

Comfort lead to trouble, and the night of drinking got me grounded for months to come! To make matters worse, it only took about a week or so more for meet the Terrible T. She started calling my house non-stop, driving by, blocking off my cul-de-sac. She once showed up at my high school.

You see, the entire time I was “dating” the Italian Stallion, he was also dating T. Actually, he had been dating T for years! She was insane, and he “tried to break up with her a thousand times” (cough-bull shit- cough) but she would never let him go.

Crazy thing is that this love triangle continued for about a year or so…I guess I was infatuated with the stallion…

They ended up getting back together for years and years, but today:
…I’m still single.
…who knows what the IS is up to?
…and T, well…T had a baby (not the IS’s) and has decided to play for the other team! At least I know she’ll never be jealous of the boys I date now! Well that, and now I live states away!

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4 responses to “Does that make me CRAZY???

  1. I love crazy ex stories!! Especially when the ex-girl starts harrassing the new girl and the man always says “she is crazy” but always fails to mention that he probably made her crazy!

  2. The IT was very hot. You forgot to mention his crazy mom, her mohawk hair and evn though she had like what 5 kids, she wore stilleto heels and skin tight leatjer pants. That was one hot momma!

  3. My big question is, why do men think it is ok to date more than one woman at a time? If anyone ever finds the answer to this please let me know, I have an ex (husband) who needs this explained to him.

  4. Who the heck did
    this Italian Stallion
    think he was?

    Two-timing you like that?

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