My Walking Postcard

Sitting in Paradise this weekend (aka Kiawah Island, SC), I couldn’t help but notice these two girls holding hands and swapping gossip as they walked down the beach. Brandy thought that she was bad posting pictures of kids she didn’t know…but before I could stop myself, I was snapping pictures of children I didn’t know, without their parents permission! Eeek!

But just look at them…how could I not! I started to feel guilty…not for snapping the shots, but for not sharing them with their parents. I watched them go back to their beach chairs, and shortly there after walked down to chat with their parents.
I was worried that they’d be a bit freaked out with my photo shoot of their adorable girls, but instead they were so happy that I had offered to email them the pictures. They said that they have been best friends since they were two years old.
The dad said, “Just don’t post them on the Internet! Just kidding.”
I don’t know that he had any idea that the entire time I was taking these shots, I was thinking about my blog!
The thing I couldn’t get out of my head as these bikini clad beach babies walked by was that no matter how old you are, friendships are part of your life line. They get you through the bad and they dance with you through the good. I’ve been blessed to have amazing girlfriends both near and far.

9 responses to “My Walking Postcard

  1. Quite a picture!
    How could the parents
    not love such a photo?

    And yes…there is just
    something about a friendship…
    no matter how old.
    It’s simply untouchable.

    Amen to that, sista!

  2. I love this post. It’s so sweet. I’ve lately realized how grateful I am for my girlfriends…and this post was perfect! Take care, Sara!

  3. love kiawah! i was down there in february!!

    and what a cute photo! 🙂

  4. That is a pretty cute picture 🙂

  5. This is a great picture! I had a friend like that growing up and she passed away a couple years ago and I wish I had a picture like that to remember the good old days together!

  6. You have proven that posting pictures of children you don’t know can sometimes be NOT creepy- well done!! But I have to say, you really made yourself not creepy by talking to the parents. An awesome idea- I’m sure they are going to treasure that photo forever. I wish someone had taken photos of me and my friends when we were that age and oblivious to the camera. (Because seriously? I have FAR TOO MANY photos of me when I’m fully aware of the camera and staring at it dead on like a deer in the headlights).

  7. sliceofpink

    So sweet! And not creepy at all.

  8. Captain Mary

    That picture tells a world of tales for all girlfriends, I have a beautiful friend who is so important to me I can’t think of what I would do without her.

  9. Aw this is adorable!

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