I Dare You To…

Jennifer over at Made By Girl, is always keeping me on my toes! I adore her cards. I ordered a few about a month or so ago, and they are so stinkin cute! Check out some of my new favorites!

Thursday kicks off the weekend for a lot of 20 somethings. So this weekend,
I Dare You TO…
Talk to the big sexy at the pool you’ve been eyeing for the past 2 weeks.
Wear that dress you’re afraid is too short.
Try that new martini that you’ve always wanted to try
(even though your regular is a sure thing).
Fix your hair/ make up a little differently than you normally do.
Pull out that super shinny lip gloss you only save for “Special Occasions”.
Text him if you feel like it.
Stay out a little later than you planned.
Go to that bar you’ve always wanted to try.
Grab your BS friends, pull on your Biggest Sexiest outfit, find a BS, and have a ball this weekend!
I Dare You to go order these and send them to your Big Sexy!
What will you dare to do this weekend?

8 responses to “I Dare You To…

  1. Oh Sara Jane. You didn’t just give me permission to text! I’ve been grounded from texting for nearly a week now! 🙂

    The others, however, I will try! Have a great weekend!

  2. Playful Professional

    I dare to put on a bathing suit for the first time all summer. And to be confident in it.

  3. I read this entry yesterday when I was getting ready for alive after five and thought,… maybe Saturday night we’ll go all out.

    Well, we didn’t have to wait, we went all out last night and danced lower than we normally do, went to places we didn’t feel we were dressed up enough to go to, and I thought of this entry.

    And I gave myself the green light to finally text someone who I’ve been holding off texting for weeks now. Thanks for the extra push.

    I hope you have a truly big sexy weekend!

  4. Is there really any
    such thing as a dress
    too short? Pshhh.

    And I love this.
    I’ll def. be making
    me a “Dare You” list.
    Just because…well,
    it’s uber fun!

    And everyone always
    loves a good dare!

    Mmm…and playing along…

    I will dare to go up
    and ask for the cute bartender’s
    number that I’ve shamelessly been
    flirting with lately.

  5. Jamie~ Just do it! Only ground yourself from texting between the hours of 130-6 AM! All other hours are fair game!

    Playful~ Go for it! If all else fails…vodka always helps my confidence level…even at the pool. 🙂

    Isabell~I’m so sad I didn’t make it out on Thursday to Alive just to see you getting down! Your comment made my day!

    Amanda~I hope it works with the bartender! And no…I guess there aren’t any too short dresses!

  6. Jennifer Ramos

    Good one Sarah,
    I totally enjoyed reading this…!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

  7. Oh those are fantastic!

  8. You know MY theory on dresses/skirts being too short…there’s no such thing. I told you last night that this post inspired me to text him. Not sure if that was a good idea or not but you only live once right?

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