Madam, I’m Adam.

No, don’t worry. I’m not really Adam. You see, last night we had a conversation that went a little something like this.

SJ: P, please just say it…you know you want to…What is the word RENOB backwards?

P: I refuse to say that.

Dr. C: Do you know that racecar is the same forward and backward?

SJ: *giggling at the fact that for 3 days we’ve been trying to get P to say this word and he refuses to* What are other words that are the same?

Dr. C: Like Bob? What are those called? Onomatopoeia?

MNG: No, that’s not it…

After a few more wrong answers and about 10 phone a friends, we came to the conclusion that RACECAR, is a palindrome. Only after googling it on our BBs. I’m a total geek and always think I need to know far more about things that I really do.

After doing my palindrome research, I’ve found a few that I just couldn’t help but to relate to:

Hannah: My friend, Mere‘s little sis, who is a brilliant syncro swimmer.

Sexes: Enough said.

Solos: I better get used to this, because at the rate I’m going I may be alone forever.

Radar: Everyday when I speed up and down I85, I wish I had one and pray that I don’t get a ticket.

Madam: If I don’t start selling more, I may become one.

Then there are the phrases:

Desserts, I stressed! I love dessert, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Won’t lovers revolt now? Don’t they always?

Ma is a nun, as I am. No, CS is a nun.

Party boobytrap. Aren’t they all?

Poor Dan is in a droop. Eek. Don’t you think so?

Rise to vote, sir. You better do it!

And my favorite palindrome of all:
That’s for you P, and the banana in your pants you won’t talk about!

How are you having fun with words these days?

*I tried to find one about BIG SEXY, but that just didn’t work out so well.

**I know that I am a total geek for posting this, but I have been cracking myself up, and Dr. C for hours now!

6 responses to “Madam, I’m Adam.

  1. I adore palindromes.
    I used to be obsessed
    with finding new ones.
    They made me feel
    more knowledgeable.
    How ridiculous.

    So thanks for bringing
    them back into my life!

  2. This makes me think of a reading book in grade school with a story called “Hannah is a palindrome”.

  3. Way to entertaining, thanks for letting your inner geek come out!

  4. Ohhh what fun! Murder for a jar of red rum!!! Another good palindrome!

    And why won’t P just say it? He’ll talk about it, he’ll do it on the dance floor, he’ll even share it with girls that aren’t his GF so why won’t he say it?

  5. Love the palindromes!! Enjoy the weekend~take care, girl!

  6. palindrome phrases? pure craziness.. i love it

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