Borrowing Blogging Brilliance

I started blogging about a year ago and since have found a few blogs that I’m in love with, some of those include Brandy’s and Brookem’s. I pretty much have blog crushes on them. Some days I feel like they’re taking the words out of my head and putting them on their own sites.

Brookem has All the Wine filling in for her this week, and she lead me to this little (long) survey that Brookem and Brandy did well over a year ago. I love it, and it had me thinking. So I decided to steal it!

I am
Overly emotional, girly as can be, strong willed, open minded, indecisive, compassionate, predictable and outgoing.

I want
a swimming pool in my complex, a four day work week every week, a house keeper to come once a week to clean bathrooms and scrub floors, a big sexy that I have an incredible chemistry with to sweep me off my feet, happiness for my family and friends, four extra hours in the day, to loose 10 pounds but still be able to eat what ever I want, diamond stud earrings and a larger closet.

I have
an amazing life, some of the best girlfriends in America, the cutest dog in the world, a career that I love (most days), a very large, very close family and a cute condo that I own!

I wish
I had more control of my emotions. There are people I wish I had more feelings for, and people I wish I could forget about. I wish my that my friends/family lived closer or that there was a more affordable way for them to get to me at a reasonable speed. I also wish that Charlotte would pass a smoking ban for restaurants and bars.

I hate
ranch dressing, mayo, mustard…most condiments actually. The texture of sushi and mushrooms. I really hate people who drive slow in the fast lane (although there are days where I’m so that girl), people who complain all the time, rain on the weekends, runs in my pantyhose, wearing pantyhose period, chipped nail polish, and Bath and Body Works (I do like their wall flowers thought).

I fear
that NC and SC will pass a cell phone law and I won’t be able to chat in the car when I’m driving for work and that would end my world as I know it. I fear my company will figure out that blogger and facebook still make it through my VPN. I fear bad guys that live in my hood will think about breaking into my car, house or stealing my dog. Speaking of my dog…I fear that she will run off her leash and get hit by a car in front of me and I won’t know what to do.

I hear
my iPod all day long. I tend to get a song that I love and play it until I can’t stand it any more.

I search
Google and Wikipedia all the time for instant gratification for the answers to the questions that I need/want to know. I also search google maps and my bitch in a box to get me to where I need to go.

I wonder
where my life will be in the next 3, 5 or 10 years, who will win the presidential election, if Branglina will ever get married, how much US Weekly pays Spencer and Heidi to get a story from them each week… why anyone cares about Spencer and Heidi, why ANTM never becomes a Top Model, what the man of my dreams looks like and what my dog is thinking. Just to name a few.

I regret
not saving more money, not going on spring break more in college, not going to graduate school right after undergrad, quitting violin lessons, not taking better care of my American Girl dolls, not scrap booking…where are all my pictures?, not pushing myself harder when I was younger.

I love
that there are a million thing to love in life. Here are just a few of them.

I ache
from the bruises that magically show up on Monday mornings after a long weekend. I have no idea how they get there…I guess I just bruise easily.

I always
press snooze, sleep on the right side of the bed, drink oj in the morning, underestimate the time that it takes to get things done, have my blackberry in hand and reapply lip gloss 100 times a day.

I usually
talk to my mother daily, get dressed in workout clothes and never make it to the gym, drink hazelnut coffee, Grey Goose and water with lemon, and diet coke.

I am not
shy (I would talk to a wall until it talked back), good at running or frugal enough.

I dance
all the time…at Zumba class, in my shower, while I’m running, at the bar (even when no one else is), down the isle at the grocery, with my neighbors in their living room. Pretty much every chance I get. It’s good for the soul.

I sing
as long as there’s music playing, even if I don’t know the words…especially in the car. I think if I turn the volume up as loud as it goes I might be the next American Idol. This also gets me in big trouble because every time I’ve gotten a speeding ticket it’s because I was singing.

I never
take my Tiffany heart ring off. I wear it everyday. I keep hoping that just because my bff is getting married that she will still wear hers too!

I rarely
am at a loss for words, run early, miss a sale at Nordstrom or an episode of ANTM.

I cry
all the time…when I’m sad, angry, happy, when I watch weddings or baby stories on TV, and a large number of Disney Cartoons.

I am not always
in a good mood, some days I’m pretty grumpy and your best bet is to just let me be…it will pass.

I lose
everything, all the time. I would loose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body. The funniest part is that whatever I lost is usually right under my nose.

I’m confused

I miss
my family (they all live so far away), Pop Tarts, my far off friends, Sex and the City, being in college, sorority theme parties, dance class, Malone’s Restaurant (the food, not the work), recess, gaucho pants being “in” (they were so comfy), Britney Spears glory days, being able to wear pony tails (My hair has been super short for almost 2 years now) and wearing a size 2.

I need
hugs, MAC lip gloss, pink nail polish, high high heels, kisses from my dog, girls night out, alone nights in, good books, cold pillows, more patience and less drama.

I should
Get off the computer, go to the gym and clean my house.

13 responses to “Borrowing Blogging Brilliance

  1. Great list! I’m going to have to borrow your borrowing of blogging brilliance! Say that ten times fast! =)

  2. Guh. I miss greek themed parties too.

    If I ever find a way to time travel, I’m taking you with me

  3. Ahh SJ how you make ma laugh! The Bitch In The Box, still smiling! American Girl Dolls and the lack of scrap booking…. we really are similar. Love th post, and will be working on mine later on tonight.

  4. I just downloaded The Heart of The Matter thanks to you! i love India Arie

  5. It is so nice to have someone else in my corner when it comes to hating ranch dressing. I can’t stand it and no one understands. In fact, a lot of our “hates” are the same.

    I’ll be stealing this too… 🙂

  6. i love this!! i may steal this from you!!!

  7. i love love love this! i’m going to have to borrow it for my blog – with props to you of course! oh, and i’m reading chasing harry winston right now as well…among other books…what’d you think of it?

  8. loved it. loved it. I must add you to my reader. Awesome blog and I am glad I found ya!

  9. I can’t wait to read what ya’ll decide to write! Don’t forget it came from Brookem and Brandy first. I can take credit for recycling…but that’s about it!

  10. aww, im totally flattered that you have a blog crush on me! i feel the same way!

    you take a zumba class?! do you love it? oh, and i feel the same way about the cell phone in the car. i IMMEDIATELY pick the thing up on contact when i get in my vehicle.

    fun meme right?!

  11. Mademoiselle Frou-Frou

    I agree with your I WANT list…i want everything but the pool (i have one). great post!!

  12. This is a great survey. I’m thinking I might steal it from you!

  13. I loved your heart ring … I really like your blog.

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