My Kenetic Theory

After catching up on my reader, and having a bit of free time on my hands this week (aka-I’ve been driving the wheels off my car for work), I can’t help but think…

What if my Blog world and my Real world collided?

I’ve come to the conclusion that…

Jennifer Ramos would be my resident decorator. My house would be full of LOVE and all my friends would get fabulous cards all the time…wait, my friends do get fabulous cards!

Hope and I would sit around, drink wine and talk about men. Because at the end of the day…Hope Dies Last.

Cameron would be my movie partner. Afterward, I’d always get her Perspective.

Emily would always keep my stylish and introduce me to new things. She already does with her Posts.

Jamie and our lovely little doggies would have play dates.

I’m sure my friends would Grow to Love Jennifer Alaine, as much as I have!

Brookem and I would shoe shop, check out men with great hair and drink martini’s mid day.

The Playful Professional, Kristen and Wallin! would for sure be a member of Big Sexy Books. Wait…Jenn at Wallin! already is…

Brandy and I would have the great lip gloss debate to determine which one is the best…and on the days that I don’t feel like working I’m sure she’d go to the pool with me since she has the summer off!

Amanda, Jamie and I would for sure hang out! It may take Amanda’s Not So Ordinary self to change Jamie’s POV, but I’m sure it wouldn’t take long! We’d also invite Kay, but she’d have to prove that she’s Not Really a Diva afterall!

I’d get to see more cute pictures of Ms. Megan’s little boy and we would complain about Mr. NSW over ice cream.

SJ and I would get so confused with all the SJ’s flying around.

Julie Q and I would discuss our hatred for Speidi over the news US Weekly.

Jenn would remind me that it’s ok to be flawed and a geek!

Starting Over and I would throw the best theme parties (post college) in America.

Kristopher Dukes would tell me what I should and shouldn’t be wearing…and would always be down for a run to Starbucks!

Auburn Cat would be one of my running partners! I’d get her to run with me, and she’d pull my butt to the gym.

I’d make Chelsea sing to me, when we weren’t talking about dance, and she wasn’t talking her smack. I’m also pretty sure she’d go with me to Zumba!

Jules and I would chat all day and night about big sexies, work and shoes…wait…we already do!

What if your favorite bloggers were your real life friends?

16 responses to “My Kenetic Theory

  1. I will post some pictures of my little tyke just for you!!

  2. Um.

    Can we please make it happen?

  3. jenniferalaine

    You’re so adorable 🙂 Also, I started listening to “Heart of the Matter” from SATC because of you and I CAN’T STOP! And my ex always used to talk about Water for Elephants so perhaps I’ll start reading that because of you too!

  4. heck yea we’d be in book club tomorrow!
    i already wish i could come up to clt for it! 🙂

  5. I love that post! Oh and I need your help running too! Do you have your next race picked out?

  6. I often ponder this
    thoughtttt. If only. . .

    What a clever way
    of putting it all
    together. I totally
    dig this post. You’re
    such a gem!

    And um…we’d so
    hang out if blogger
    world and real world
    smacked into each other.

    Mmm. Us gals can dream,
    can’t we?

  7. oh my gosh this is so fun! i’m with so@24 this should totally happen – lol. i’m really NOT a diva and would so prove it!


  8. Fifi Flowers

    Very nice compilation… you should write a screenplay!

  9. Jennifer Ramos


    Ha! this was so cute….i like your style. : ) I've tagged you over at my blog and although i hate being tagged …this one is relatively easy. feel free to do it… : )
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  10. ahh! damn straight! we’d have so much fun together!

  11. plus we’d watch the bachelor and make fun of what dorks they are in real person!!!

  12. I think I would love it if our real lives and our blog lives collided! We would totally be friends! 🙂 And, in my real life, I’m a bit less of a cynic–I think! It would be great. I loved this post, and I will definitely be doing some more reading! Who’s going to have time to get anything else done in a day!? Take care!


    A run to Starbucks… And a corner on Hollywood Blvd.


  14. This was a cute post 🙂 Thanks for including me!

  15. haha i’m definitely where to go for someone who gets ridiculously excited about movies and tv shows…it’s my claim to fame

  16. Jamie Lovely

    Agreed. Our pups would be best friends!

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