The One That Got Away…

At least he wasn’t running from me this time…I would love to say that this was my story to tell. Sadly (or maybe not so sadly), this is not my personal story to tell, but I can’t resist. I was there from it’s inception, and so I think that I should have the rights to it! And so it begins…

It was a night of short dresses, high heels and celebrations. The fabulous 20somethings of the Big Sexy realm were let loose in the Queen City and couldn’t be stopped. They started the evening sipping cocktails and torturing servers before taking on the dance floor that overlooked the city.

One of the crew, lets just call her PJ (short for Princess Jasmine), locked eyes with a Big Sexy across the room. He lead PJ to the dance floor and where he managed to keep her at his side all night, then dance his way to her bedroom.

First thing in the morning my phone rings:

SJ: Why are you calling me? It’s so stinkin’ early. What happened with the boy?

PJ: So he came here, but now he’s gone.

SJ: But it’s so early?

PJ: Well…here’s the catch…he’s gone, but his all of his stuff is here! Like his shoes and clothes…everything!

SJ: You mean to tell me there’s a naked boy running around town?

PJ: YES! And I don’t even have his number…just his wallet, shoes and clothes. His address is on his licence so I guess I can drop his stuff off. I’ve got to sort this mess out. I’ll call you in a bit.

SJ: WOW! I can’t wait to hear how this ends…

And neither will you…tomorrow!


7 responses to “The One That Got Away…

  1. hahaha! no way. what happened to him? he got cold feet? imagine seeing this dude just prancing around town?

    please keep us posted!

  2. LOL!! This is great! Did he get arrested for public indecency? I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  3. that is hilarious! and it reminds me of a tucker max story!!

  4. That is hilarious! I wonder where naked boy is? I guess he couldn’t go very far without a wallet… He might be running around town in PJ’s clothes.

  5. Hahaha.
    How fantastic is this.

    Can’t wait to hear
    where naked boy turned
    up…so odd. . .

  6. That’s just mean!! Tell us what happened… 🙂

  7. Oh boy!!!!

    BTW, I finished The Beach House last night!

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