The One That Got Away…Or Took a Hint. You be the judge!

I spent the majority of Saturday afternoon laid up on my sofa recovering from our big night out. But I couldn’t help but think about what every happened to PJ’s run away boy.

Where could he have gone? Why did he leave his clothes? What else did he leave?

I called and called PJ, dying for the details. Only to find her at the mall.

Yes, you read that correctly, THE MALL! A boy leaves his expensive Tag watch, wallet, phone and every piece of clothing he had on his body the night before at her home, and she decides it’s best if she ponders her return process over new shoes and jewelry.

After she decompressed over Nordstrom and Finks, she finally returned home, only to get a phone call from her apartment complex office to let her know that she had a visitor…

There he stood in new clothes, hat covering his ashamed face, asking for his belongings back.

PJ: Why did you leave…naked?

NB: You told me to get out…I did. But once I realized where I was, I was locked out of the building.

PJ: Wait…I told you to leave?

Naked boy went on to tell PJ that she said that he should go. He wasn’t sure where he was, so he walked into the hall and out the door. The next thing you know, he was locked out of her building and at the pool in his birthday suit!

He’s a pretty resourceful naked boy, because he managed to find an unused garbage bag in a trash can and make a loin cloth out of it. He then found girls in the parking lot who let him use their cell to phone his friend, who came to pick him up!

I guess in the long run, men are like fish. Some are meant to catch and keep and others are meant to be tossed back into the ocean!

What’s the craziest man story you’ve heard lately?


5 responses to “The One That Got Away…Or Took a Hint. You be the judge!

  1. SJ…this is insane.
    I’m slightly obsessed
    with the insanity, however.

    Mmm. Drunken nights always
    lead to crazy, fun, naked

  2. LOL! That is hillarious!

  3. oooh my god! hahaha.

  4. I once took a guy back to “his place” in the middle of the night, as I sat on the street corner I saw him try to open the door to “his place” to see an angry old man come to the door and starting yelling… I guess it wasn’t “his place”… as I drove away I saw him walking down the street. I didnt’ go back thought if he was too drunk to remember where he lived I didn’t want him in my car 🙂

  5. So other than maintaining her anonymity, why do you call her PJ? What does that stand for???

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