Things I Heart and Hate

When you were little, did you ever read the book, “The Good News/Bad News”? The good news is there’s milk left, the bad news is that you can’t have it. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Here are a few examples…
I HEART Sara Barielles. Especially THIS song.
I HATE that I can only get it on Rhapsody, which is not compatible with iTunes.
*If someone downloads it, burns it and mails it to me, a very special prize will be yours!
I HEART So You Think You Can Dance. Bleeding Love was one of my favorites of the season.
*I would post a video, but they’ve all been taken down due to copyright.
I HATE that Chelsie went home. Tear.
*I think the Top 4 should be Chelsie, Katee, Will and Twitch.

I HEART that it’s the NORDSRTROM Anniversary SALE!
I HATE that I have a mortgage and must be responsible in my spending.
I HEART that my job gives me flexibility in my schedule and working from home.
I HATE that I am alone so often. I can go weeks without seeing any co-workers.
I HEART Zumba.
I HATE that the class at the Y is not Zumba at all,
which means I only get true Zumba once a week.
I HEART the weekend.
I HATE that Fridays creep by.
The final “Boy that Got Away” segment to come later today!

5 responses to “Things I Heart and Hate

  1. I heart having you as the world’s best friend! I hate never being able to see you!

  2. I’ll try finding that
    song…and if I’m successful…
    I’ll let you know so I
    can send it your way.

    Chelsie went homeee? She
    was the cutest!

    I’ve heard such good
    things about Zumba…it has
    me veryyy veryyy interested.

    Happy Weekend!
    And can’t wait to hear
    the rest of the infamous
    “boy without the clothes.”

  3. I can’t wait to know what happened to the guy.. have a nice weekend too!

  4. i love sara barellis too, she is so good! and i would love the nordstrom sale if i actually had time to go shopping, oy.

  5. I am thinking about joining the Y, I used to belong when I lived in Kansas and went all the time. I’m going to need a gym for the winter months to continue running!

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