I’ve lost it.
Today I signed up for my Half Marathon.
It doesn’t sound too insane
until you hear that I just paid $80, so that I could run 13 miles! Ugh.
Then, this was the first secret on Post Secret this morning.

I couldn’t get so lucky!
In all honesty, I couldn’t take credit for it.
Everyone would know I was lying!

7 responses to “Insane

  1. Nice! I love running, good luck whith your marathon!

  2. Yup, we have both lost it! =)

    Today I listened to my older neighbor try to give me tips on running, it was NOT fun!

  3. good for you!!!

    think of it this way- $80 is really not a bad price to pay for such a sweet investment in your health!

    can’t wait to hear how the training goes!

  4. Playful Professional

    I really need to do this. But everytime I sign up something happens and I waste the money. They just don’t like giving refunds for not being able to run the race. I’ve gotta get a couple of weeks of running behind me, then I’ll be able to afford it!

  5. Good for you, girl!
    You’ll be fantastic out
    there…truckin’ away.
    Doing your thang!

    You go be a rawkstar!

  6. Go you!!

  7. You go girl! You kindof are crazy, but it’s so something I wish I could do. And maybe I will. Just not soon! 🙂 Good luck–I can’t wait to hear all the details!

    **I would so swap numbers with someone who looked far more marathon-ish than I!

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