First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

Then all my married friends get cute baby bumps.
*Not always in said order.

Card by Made By Girl (of course).

Just as wedding season is starting to die down, more and more of my friends are growing their families (and bellies) with new additions…

Expecting bouncing baby boys are Rachel (sorority sis) and Jenny (college roomie).

Expecting pretty baby girls are Mel (a sorority sis), Mere (it’s her second) and Angie (my Zumba teacher).

The unknown include Michelle (a childhood dance friend) and Maria (who’s trying for her second).

Congrats to Steph, Nissler, Maria, Ali, Michelle, Camps and all of my other high school friends who have popped out children this year.

I saw this pic on one of my friends facebook pages and I thought that it was the cutest baby shower idea ever. Way better than eating baby food…or worse candy bars in diapers.

In case you can’t read the card, it says:
“A note for the new mommy you should write,
to make her smile when she’s changing diapers at night.”

In the basket there are diapers and sharpies!

I’m so excited for all of my friends who are expanding their families… however, it seems like the only thing I’m expanding these days is my shoe collection!


8 responses to “First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

  1. I am with you on that one! It seems like all of my friends are either getting engaged, married or having babies. Me on the other hand, I buy books and clothes!

  2. ha, im with you girls. they are dropping like flies! not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just… well, im still here, still single. yay.

  3. Playful Professional

    Well I’ve got the marriage thing down but the babies are not coming anytime soon. I think every single one of my friends and relatives is pregnant right now and due in the January/February time. My husband commented that it must’ve been because of the TV strike this year… people just didn’t have anything better to do. All I know is that I’m glad it’s them and not me.

  4. There is nothing wrong with having a few too many shoes. Your time will come, enjoy this phase while you have it.

  5. yay! You must have gotten my card! I’m glad I have the right address for you, now 🙂

  6. i was just talking about eating candy bars out of diapers the other day. by far the very worst game ever invented. p.s. i have internet again. i will resume the blog soon. also, i need to call you because i am the worst friend in america. love you.

  7. Aw man. I want the
    marriage and baby bump.

    I’m with ya on this.
    I’m surrounded by
    wedding bells and baby

  8. Jennifer Ramos

    I'm with you on that SJ…even though I have a hubby.
    EVERYONE around me is getting married and having kids!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

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