I tried to make it cute…

but I ruined my blog and I can’t fix it.

I hate blogger.

Thinking of switching to wordpress.




7 responses to “I tried to make it cute…

  1. I’m not good at the setting on Blogger, that’s why I haven’t updated my blogroll in forever…which I REALLY need to do!

  2. i did the switch to wordpress about a year ago. im happy i did it, but i cant really tell you that it’s some whole big difference either.

  3. I like wordpress… been contemplating the move myself. I think I might go buy WordPress for dummies!

  4. wordpress all the way!

  5. Oh my gosh. I tried
    over the weekend to
    prettify my blog…
    and I was SO unsuccessful.

    After way too many hours
    of fooling around with it,
    I just stopped, frustrated
    and soooo annoyed!

    I wanted to change my
    my title font to something
    super cute…but it
    wasn’t going the way
    I had planned. Ugh.
    Some people have such fun
    things going on…and I
    just simply do not.

    I feel your pain, SJ.

    As for wordpress…I don’t
    really know. Maybe you
    will be happier over there…
    and then you let me know!
    And I might convert.

  6. i really do like wordpress better. my work uses it but i just can’t switch.

  7. I like WordPress a lot more than blogger.

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