Holly’s Inbox

I get about a bizillion emails a day. Between work, bbm (blackberry messenger- like a text but longer and no charge), personal, myspace, facebook…ok you get the point. I get a ton. But I don’t get nearly as many interesting emails as Holly Denham.

To say you don’t have the desire to snoop through someones inbox is like saying you’re not dying to know what’s in wrapped Christmas presents sitting under the tree. It’s an inevitable pull urging you into the unknown.

I must admit, I once snooped through an ex’s inbox and found trouble (he was a pig)…I always tell my friends, if you feel the need to snoop you must not be with a trustworthy person. But the trouble that Holly has is fun, witty and contagious. I find myself wanting to tell people to bugger off and sign off all emails to friends with x’s. (I guess in the UK they only x, not o…I like the o’s too, but a cute x is a fun touch).

The entire novel is written as emails. I thought it was someone’s actual inbox, but have since found out that it’s fictional. An adorable concept that started as an online novel, has been a hit in the UK for the past year. I’m so lucky to have Sarah B. working in London, at Boarders no less, to keep me up on all the newest UK book trends.

But the trouble now is that I have to wait until I see Sarah at Thanksgiving to get my copy of Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City.

Who’s inbox would you peek into if you could?



7 responses to “Holly’s Inbox

  1. The x’s deal is pretty
    snazzy. I too dig it.

    And this book sounds
    very entertaining. I’ll
    probably have to read
    it. I’m one huge
    snooper…so I’ll
    surly be amused.

    I went through an ex’s
    inbox…just because his
    mail was up, and wanted
    to see who he was typing
    to when he wasn’t writing to
    me…and it led to bad news
    bears. Psh.

  2. This book looks super entertaining and I plan on ordering it!
    The only time I’ve ever snooped in a ex’s inbox is the reason he went to boyfriend status to ex. I ran across “I really want to see you tonight” 2am message and “Does it scare you that I have kids”? From his “friend” Kristi (never had heard of her)-hmmm?! My gut was telling me something was up and it was right!

    Sarah D

  3. oh i do the x thing sometimes too. i see you have it up there under the “leave a comment” section as well. i read about this book from you before- sounds cool!

    whose emails would i snoop? maybe an exes? oof, maybe not. im not sure! whose would you?

  4. I went through an ex’s email…he gave me permission to go through it after the first time he cheated on me. He was such a jerk!

  5. I just picked this up a couple of days ago, and I’m totally psyched to start reading this now.

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  7. THANK You – for reviewing my book, glad you liked it!

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