What’s Your Number?

A wise friend once told me “Everyone has a number”.

The one that gets under their skin.

For some it repulses, others it infuriates, a few it motivates and for most, it makes them throw in the towel.

It’s different for everyone.

The number that you see when you look down at the scale.

The number of your list of lovers.

The number the label in your jeans reads.

The number the label on your bra does not read.

The number at the bottom of your credit card statement.

The number of candles on your birthday cake.

The number your boss expects you to perform.

The number of dates before your first kiss.

The number of fights before you give up.

The number of times you’ve cried over him.

The number of days it’s been since he’s called.

The number your pay stub reads.

The number of miles you’ll run before you mentally can’t move.

The number on the price tag that makes you put it back on the rack.

The number on the price tag that makes you not leave without it.

The number that your iTunes reads “your song” on the play count.

The number of drinks you can handle in one evening on the town.

Who knew we were counting? Constantly counting. Watching. Judging ourselves. Judging others. All based on numbers. The numbers fluctuate, some bringing us up as they rise, others bringing us down as they fall.

A few of mine that make me shudder?

101- The number of times I’ve listened to “The Heart of the Matter”. (I didn’t purchase it until June 4, 2008). *Too high.

26- The number of candles on my cake last month. (Where did all my time go? I feel like I’ve only just begun.)

99- The number I start counting backwards from when I’m trying to sleep at night.

7 million- My quota. (Sadly unattainable this year)

38- Days left to try to achieve this number.

Unmentionable- The number on my Nordstrom Bill. (I guess Sale doesn’t really mean buy more.) *Repulsive.

Also unmentionable- The number on my jeans. (They’re still a bit tight! Eek!) *Motivation to make me run.

Lost count- The number of times he made me cry. *Even more reasons I’m glad I’ve moved on.

290- Not a number to chance it on.

So I have to wonder…what’s your number?


19 responses to “What’s Your Number?

  1. LOVED this blog.

    4: The # of days since I’ve blogged. I feel like I have nothing to say–I’m working on it.

    A thousand: The number of times he and I started flirting over drinks with friends and ended the night in a fight.

    365: The number of days until I hope to be in grad school.

    10: The pounds I have added since starting this job…must run, must run.

    750?: The number of pages in Breaking Dawn–which I just forced myself to finish today. Not the epic I had so desperately hoped for.


  2. you brought up some numbers here that i hadn’t even thought of, but that are so true!

    hmm… my numbers that i care not to really think of?

    the number of times i think about calling him (but thankfully, don’t). the number of times i forget to pack something i need. the number that i still owe for my student loans. the number of times that he doesn’t miss me.

  3. I really loved this post- it’s all so true! My numbers?
    1500- the # on my credit card bill.
    (not saying)- the # on my jeans, I SERIOUSLY need to get back in shape!

  4. How fabulous this was!

    75-the number of times
    I drive by his house
    a month. (I hate this number)

    2-the number of long
    island ice teas I can
    enjoy before making my way
    onto the table.

    10-the number of days until
    my birthday. (Yay!)

    6-the number of times I
    have written Britney Spears
    a letter. (Ha)

    This really made me think.
    I have a lot of numbers
    going on…psh.

  5. A gazillion….the number of times I’ve cried over the ex.

    10: The number of pounds I’ve been wanting to loose for months!

  6. 5’3″.

    Girls don’t give boys a chance who are 5’3″

  7. Ooo, I loved this!

    At the moment, my top numbers are.

    21: days left of medication.

    450: euros. The price of a dress that I want but can’t afford. Sigh.

    51: kilos. The number I weigh for the first time since I was like 14.

    2: weeks since the last time I went OUT OUT. πŸ™‚

  8. Great post topic!

    Hmmm… my numbers…
    – the number of times I applied for a job this year and didn’t get it.
    – the number of dollars I spent on a silk dress I ruined after wearing it once.
    – the number of hours I’ve dedicated to CNN that I can never get back
    – the number of times I wondered why he didn’t call. (This is especially annoying since I was the one who said ‘don’t call me’. Me= crazy).

  9. 177 Days since I kissed/made out with someone I cared about.

    120 Mins I have to commute everyday

    525 Amount of money I spend on daycare a month

    6**-16** NSW phone number

    16- The number of days since I last spoke to NSW

  10. The number of years since I spoke to him…and the thought still makes me cry

  11. 15[th].. the date that my first mortgage payment is due. double wammy.

    great post, btw

  12. Jamie- I hope to be in grad school then too! (night classes)

    brookem- I can’t even begin to count the number of times I forget to pack something.

    Sandy- If you saw my Nordys bill, you wouldn’t feel so bad! πŸ™‚

    Amanda- Can you take a different route? 75 is worse than a daily bikini wax!

    Kat- Isn’t it funny that 10 can be such a big and small number?

    SO@24- The right girl won’t mind 5’3”. She’ll find it perfect. Besides, good things come in small packages.

    Hope- Save for the dress. By the time you save enough, it will have gone on sale and then you can have 2!

    Brandy- Why did you tell him not to call? And the dress, if I could get back the $ on one time wears…

    Ms. M- He’s NSW for a reason!

    Anon- I completely understand. It just hasn’t been years yet.

    Julie Q- Congrats on the new home!

  13. Playful Professional

    It’s amazing how one day I love a number and the next day I hate it. The number on my jeans can make me feel great or hate myself for just a second. It really is just a number, but that number makes all the difference in the world for some dumb reason. Oh well. The number that I always like is 5. Five feet- my height πŸ™‚ Oh and my shoe size is 7- perfect. Thanks for helping me think of numbers that are always positive!

  14. 10- the number of km I want to run! Did you run the Human Race? There’s a post about it in my blog πŸ™‚

    6 The number of years I`ve been with my boyfriend.

    As for the number of my jeans, we’ll, that’s other story…

  15. Saw your blog on SO@24’s. Great post.

    My number:

    9-# of years I was with my now ex husband

    3-# of times I will have to move this year

    too many to count- # of times I have considered giving up on the “relatinship” I’m currently in.

  16. Why did I tell him not to call… oh what a question. My brain will say one thing, my heart will say another and the words that come out are the words from my brain.

    I need a support group for this. Or a drink. Because after reading this comment, I suddenly feel depressed.

  17. Fun post!

    1: Crush. He’s fabulous, and I feel like I’m 12.

    4: The number of pounds I want to lose and that I think about entirely too much. Seriously. 4 pounds. No one else will even notice.

    9: The number of dates I went on with the ex-bf before he kissed me.

    32: The number of days I’ve lived in Chatty. And they’ve been fabulous!

    Funny what we all think of when we reflect on numbers…..

  18. 3- The number of times I tried to put my white shirt on over my head w/o getting makeup on it, before I realized I could step into it.
    124- The number of total minutes it took me to get ready for my date.
    1- The number of chances this wanksta gets
    15- The number of minutes I’m going to be late because I’m busy commenting on your blog!

    Wish me luck!!!

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