The One Where I Miss My Best Friends Wedding

Mere and I have been best friends since my sophomore year of high school. In short, for the past 10 years. For 8 of those, I’ve lived in a different state, but that hasn’t kept us from remaining close.

When we lived in the same town, we were attached at the hip.

There have been many important things I haven’t missed in Mere’s life.

* I didn’t miss the premiere weekend of Evita. (One of the first times we hung out.)

* I didn’t miss her high school graduation party.

* I didn’t miss the evening she decided perhaps our life should be a musical and we danced around the ‘ville at insane hours in the morning jumping on park benches singing at the top of our lungs.

* I didn’t miss the day she decided she couldn’t date her high school love Matt anymore.

* I didn’t miss one of the worst days of her life. In fact, I climbed out of a life guard chair and left work to cry with her.

* I didn’t miss the day she got her first pair of designer jeans. We got them together at Cricket West, Diesels. ( I also didn’t miss that the salesman slipped his card down her pants!)

* I didn’t miss the day she found out she passed the bar.

* I didn’t miss her first time away from Josh, when she realized she was in love with him.

* I didn’t miss the phone call when he broke her heart.

* I didn’t miss her engagement ring when it flashed in the sun, the first time I saw her newly engaged!

* I didn’t miss her shower of bachelorette party! (Or any of the good looking men in the bar that night!)

* I didn’t miss the rehearsal dinner or forget to bring mimosas to the salon the day of the wedding.


I was with her all day! Not just all day…I was with her until 5:40! How did “the wedding starts at 6” not come up? I wasn’t alone. My friend Mel was with me too. And while our friend was walking down the aisle, we were having a cocktail, waiting for the time to pass so we could leave!
I was heartbroken to have missed it. It was short and sweet. The ceremony lasted about 10 minutes. The photog showed me pictures and I heard there was a video that I can catch later. But still…who does that? I am the worst.
She didn’t seem to mind as much as I did. I was tearing up, and she was calming me down.
The wedding party consisted of their siblings, so regardless of our closeness, I wasn’t in the wedding. But I did give a speech at the reception, that resembled this post. It was a crowd pleaser, and we partied the night away as if nothing went wrong all day!
It makes for a good story, but it still rips my heart out!
Congrats to the Rockwells! I love you both!
* Post title inspired by Brandy.

20 responses to “The One Where I Miss My Best Friends Wedding

  1. oh my gosh! please don’t ban me from your blog if i say i almost laughed out loud when you wrote that you were sipping cocktails waiting for the time to pass. oh gosh! i don’t know if i should be feeling really bad or if i should go ahead and giggle! so i’ll do a little bit of both? i’m really sorry you missed it but i’m glad to hear of your friends reaction. she seems to know it was by no means intentional and was truly an honest mistake. don’t feel too bad. it’s not like you slept in or something (which is what i thought you were going to say!)

  2. I read this one to my husband! Crazy… but don’t have too much anxiety about it- its just life.

  3. Kay- You aren’t banned. Once I finished crying, we all giggled. I was with her until 5:40! When she left to go to the park, I assumed that she had pictures!

    Emily- Thanks! I guess my life just runs a bit behind. I need to push things ahead about 30 minutes! 🙂

  4. Oh dear. This honestly baffles me. I can’t believe this happened and I feel so bad for you! I would have been a blubbering mess. And I find it comical that you were sipping cocktails while she was getting married!! At least you made it to the reception and, well, every other important event of the weekend. I hope you’re laughing about this by now??

    Glad you’re back…we’ve missed you around the blogosphere!! xxo

  5. OMG! Sara! I was hoping you would have some pictures posted. I am so sad I couldn’t be there. 😦 Send me some pictures if you have any, please!! I bet Meredith was just the most beautiful bride!!

  6. Girl! How awful.
    I would have been
    upset too. Pshhh.

    But at least the
    night was filled with
    fun…once the tears
    went away. Thank gosh
    for pictures.

    And thank gosh for
    best friends who understand
    their best friends
    missing them walking
    down the aisle!

    Congrats to the newlyweds!

  7. oooh nooooo!!! ha, it’s NOT funny, but i mean, it (sort of?) is, a spec? only because it all turned out okay and you made it afterall (even a little late) and had a blast at the reception. but wow! haha. i bet you rocked your speech at the reception though! i loved reading all about what you haven’t missed. did you mention in the speech that you missed the wedding?!

  8. Brookem- I did. That’s how I started the speech…”I’ve been bff for 10 yrs. I may have missed her wedding, but let me tell you about a few things I didn’t miss…”

    I guess I didn’t mention all of these, but just enough to get the point across.

  9. I’m just happy you were IN the wedding and missed it!

  10. Wow that is a page right out of my nightmares… I have fears about missing things, so happy she wasn’t upset. But really it is a classic story you guys can tell family in 20 years!

  11. Oh no! Why does that sound like something that I would do?

  12. oh no that’s so sad. and such a unfortunate mix up, but at least there are lots of pictures and you made it to the reception okay. you’re still a great friend!

  13. Awwwwwww, that was such a sweet post! if it makes you feel any better- my ceremony started at 6:30 😉

  14. No. Way.

    That’s like out of a sitcom.

    What a cruel cruel joke life played on you!

  15. ha ha sad but funny too. I’m glad she’s wasn’t upset.

  16. It’ll be a good story for both of you for years to come. It’s clear you feel bad, but having been down the aisle, I was more focused on him that day and not anyone else. Frankly (and this sounds terribly self centered, I know) I couldn’t have cared less if anyone else was there. I appreciated that they were and loved them for it, but I was very focused on what he and I were committing to at the ceremony. Don’t feel too bad!

  17. Oh no! That’s sadly fantastic! Kind of reminds me of one of my best friends who went to the wrong church (not my wedding). And it just so happened there was a wedding there where the groom had the SAME NAME as the groom of the wedding she was supposed to be at. And so, it wasn’t until the bride walked down the aisle that she realized she was in the wrong place! Makes for a great story, though. =)

  18. Ahhh! Finally someone else who did this! One of my best gals from highschool (who I kept up with outside of school via mostly email) got married last year. I booked my flight, but didn’t read the invitation. I showed up at the gift opening. The wedding had been the day before. And it was the same thing- I was crying and horrified and she was calming me down. Ugh. I still feel bad about that.

  19. AGH!!! No way!!! How how sad!! Good for you though that you made a toast out of it and partied the night away!

    By the way stopped over here from a long rabbit trail of reading a post of Nilsa’s from a comment she left on PBandRazz. : ) Love, love, LOVE your blog name! One of my favorite movie moments is Doris Day singing that song in one of Hitchcock’s movies.

  20. Ough that’s really sad. Wel, it seems like you’re a really good friend, so one day you both will laugh about this!

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