"Don’t Call it a Comeback" also known as the MTV 25th VMAs

I know I’m not the only one disappointed by the VMA’s. Jamie and Julie both hated them too. Not to mention my favorite radio program YO! on E, and pretty much everyone else I’ve talked to.

Brit~ I love you. Still. But this was not a come back.

Christina~ You can sing…no really, I know you can. There was no excuse for you lip syncing. I don’t care if you dance, just sing.

LL Cool J~ You’re good to look at, but please. Quit trying and go out on a high note.

Kim Vo~ You bragged on how hot Brits hair was going to be. Let’s face the facts, you’re out…Ken Paves is in.

Demi~ You’re bangin’, but what were you doing at the VMAs. If Ashton was my hubby, I wouldn’t let him leave my sight.

I wasted 2.5 hours of my Sunday night waiting for something great to happen. It sucked.
No come backs.
No drama.
And the worst part…I know you will play it more than 100 times before next year!
Shame on you MTV.

8 responses to “"Don’t Call it a Comeback" also known as the MTV 25th VMAs

  1. I’m happy that I didn’t watch!

    Britney did look amazing though..good for her. I hope she has gotten things straightened out!

  2. I’m not even going to complain about Brit’s hair because it was a major upgrade from the rat’s nest she has been rocking!

    Love her still thouygh!

  3. Britney got hosed.
    But I still think
    she looked SMOKIN’!

    She has come such a
    longggg way in such a
    short time!

  4. I agree the VMA’s were very anti-climatic! And how in the world did Brit Brit win 3 moon men? Wasn’t she like comatose last year?

  5. i missed it on sunday! doesn’t seem like i “missed” much though?

  6. I was going to watch a repetition tonight, I’m glad I read this first!!

    I was wondering… is there a story behind your blog’s name? It’s in Spanish, right? x.

  7. ugh i watched it for way too long as well.

    i thought demi looked totally out of place!!

  8. Virginity is OVERRATED! I think Jordan Sparks should become a slut, it’s much more fun….ditch the promise ring. And if I had patience to tech those little boys, I wouldn’t go to jail, and Taylor Swift wouldn’t come after me; I’d take care of ALL the Jonas Brothers. You forgot that topic.

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