Sticks and Stones

You all know the childhood saying…

But you know what can feel worse than words?


12 responses to “Sticks and Stones

  1. Ugh. True that, SJ!
    Silence DESTROYS me.

  2. amen! my mom tries that shit.

  3. 😦
    i hate the silent treatment.
    need updates. just emailed you.

  4. Silence is …
    Passive aggressive

    I feel for ya and hope you get what you want / need soon.

  5. oh heck. I know what you mean. When the boyfriend before my husband and I broke up it was like this. I finally wrote him a letter clearly explaining my issues…and he NEVER spoke to me again. Like he didn’t even say he got the letter, or what he thought, or anything. NOTHING. SILENCE….until I was engaged and he called and asked why I didn’t wait. I was in complete depression for probably a month or two after the begining of the silence. Oh how that silence broke my heart.

  6. Which is exactly why I have completely shut my ex out of my life! When someone doesn’t talk to me, it drives me ABSOLUTELY nuts!

  7. BTW – as you know, my ex is a complete liar and everytime he would text me it would be more lies…that’s why I shut him out. If he treated me with respect, it would have never, ever come to shutting him out.

  8. Oh so true. Silence isn’t so golden after all.

  9. I totally agree. The silent treatment is the worst! I would rather have an all out screaming match. Chin up, take care.

  10. How true!

  11. You’re right. Ouch.

    We get backstory on this?

  12. Your silence is making me wonder where you are…

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