Panic at the Pump

I wish that this wasn’t for real…
But here in Queen City, there isn’t a drop of gas to be found.
Tuesday evening, I saw a station that was packed. A few hours later I saw cops, but I didn’t understand what could be wrong. I have been working like crazy, watching DVRed TV and listening to XM radio and my iPod. Somewhere in the midst of my craziness, I missed the memo that we were having a major gas shortage and I only had 1/8th of a tank!
Yesterday the line was over 2 miles long and you could only get $20 at a time (aka-5 gallons), not to mention that they only had a few hundred gallons at the 3 stations in town that had gas.
We were supposed to have a relief today, but last night at 11P, people were sleeping in their cars in front of a gas station who was rumored to be getting a truck in at an undisclosed time!
Lucky for me I waited for about 30 minutes this morning and was able to get enough to get me going for the weekend. I tried to go back to fill up for a friend a few hours later so that she would have gas to get home for her mother’s 60th birthday party, but the station ran out just as it was my turn to pull in.
In less than 12 hours, a gas station was 100% sold out of gas! How does this happen?
To top it all off, it hasn’t stopped raining all day.
Of course not.

6 responses to “Panic at the Pump

  1. You know what I hate about situations like the one you described. While there may be less gas than normal coming into Charlotte, the MEDIA works everyone into a frenzy by reporting it as if it’s a natural disaster. It makes people freak out and rush to get gas, even when they don’t really need it, causing real pressure on the system. Really unfortunate.

  2. oh man, that really sucks! at least you got a little in for the weekend, but wow. hopefully that will get better soon.

  3. I have been hearing about this crazy gas shortage on the news… I just don’t know how you are surviving. Just think, if you run out of gas, then you could run to work and kill two birds with one stone!

  4. Nilsa~ How true…people are going insane because of the media for sure!

    Brookem~ Thank goodness for the weekend.

    SJ~I would love to be able to walk to work…however, I’m in sales and drive 500-1000 miles a week! I’m only up to running about 18! Ha.

  5. Gas is KILLING me.

  6. I heard about that! I’m thankful that hasn’t happened here!

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