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The Stripes Speak for Themselves

I’ve had a super long week. I’m filled with thoughts but lacking the right words to get them all out…not to mention that due to my real life audience, I can’t always say what I want and feel. I just picked up the most recent issue of Creative Loafing and read the article Charlotte’s 10 Scariest people. Most of the people on the list would be irrelevant to the rest of the world, but there was one that was just too good not to share. I’m pretty sure we’ve all met him a time or two…


Striped T-Shirt Guy

You’ve seen him before. Hell, this is Charlotte: Chances are you are him. You work hard; you play hard. And you use that expression without a hint of irony. If you have a favorite book, it’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In line at the club, dressed up in your Abercrombie striped shirt, you’re out with the boys and they’re all dressed the exact same way. Were it not for the color of the stripes and the different brands of hair gel you all use, a girl could scarcely tell you apart. That’s OK; the girls you’re after are hard to tell apart themselves. I couldn’t describe your ilk any better than this essay by Mike Polk, now compiled in Look at My Striped Shirt! Confessions of the People You Love to Hate:

“Look at my button down striped shirt! F****ing look at it! This shirt means one thing! I’m coming home with some p**** tonight! That’s right! It’s been a long week at the office and it’s time to blow off a little steam! I am a Junior Vice President! I have business cards that say ‘Junior Vice President’ on them! They’re glossy and magnificent! Here! Have one! Take it!”

There’s probably a really nice guy inside you who calls his mom, separates his recyclables and maybe even cries a little at that commercial Sarah McLaughlin does for the ASPCA. But it’s hard to penetrate the thick veneer of shallowness to see it.


Have you met him before? Lord knows I have!


I Can’t Win…

Found at Exploding Dog
Do you ever have weeks, days, hours or minutes that you stop and question your abilities? Your ability to perform in your career, in your friendships, relationships or as yourself? That’s the kind of week that I’ve had…with both my personal and professional life.
But just when I think that I can’t take another moment, I’m reminded that I am the only person who can pick myself back up and at the end of the day, the week, the month, the quarter or even just the moment, we are lucky enough to have another one begin.

I may not win…but I’ll be damned if I loose!

Happy Weekend!
PS-If you need a pick me up too, go listen to Ingrid Michaelson’s new song “Be OK”. I think I’ve played in a million times this week. The entire CD is amazing.

Girl Scout Style

I was never a girl scout. I hate writing that.

When I was young, my mom rarely told me no. I played violin, flute, danced (tap, jazz, ballet), played the flute, went to acting classes in NYC, traveled nationally with a children’s choir, and studied kung fu and karate. YES was a word that I was good getting my mom to say. But when it came to being a girl scout, all my mom could say was N-O. Actually, I think her exact words were, “What part of NO do you not understand?”. Obviously, she didn’t understand my Troop Beverly Hills fetish. I think she just didn’t want to mess with all the cookies. But then, she let my little sister join when she was in grade school and I was fuming. On the flip side, my sister was not half as busy as I was as a child.

I bet your wondering where I’m going with this… it’s back to Brandy’s guest post on badges.

As a child, I didn’t get badges for my sash, but I did get ribbons at contests and certificates at recitals. But Brandy’s right, we need to celebrate our accomplishments. We need badges or pins on a ultra chic style. I’m thinking on the best way for this, but we deserve it.

Brandy asked the question, what do you deserve badges for? So I feel the need to share a few of mine:

-Moving to a new town where I knew very few people.
-Running my first 10K.
-Cutting him out.
-Not being afraid of change.
-Buying my first home.
-The ability to “Shake it Like Shakria” (Brandy, I think your need to trademark that phrase)
-White Water Rafting
-Poster Board decorating skills (I should have been a kindergarten teacher)
-Trying new foods that I know I will hate before I put in my mouth
-Baiting my own hook
-Trying to be a good friend even when it’s hard
-Not returning his email
-Being a good nickname giver
-Surving male dominated work conferences and my ability to not punch a few of them in the face no matter how hard I wanted to!

Badges I hope to get (as Brandy stated…a more hip to do list): touch an elephant, vacation alone, live without regret, let go of the fear of failure and never giving up.

Thanks for the “Good Friend” badge Brandy. You and Brookem deserve the “Guest Post” badge along with the “Keeping me entertained during long business meetings” badge!

Speaking of flair…thank you to Miss Musings who gave me the only blog award I’ve ever received.

Now I get to give the gift of flair to a few others that I heart (in no order at all):

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Umm… Now what? ( I couldn’t pick…Chelsea, Brandy, Pointfull Princess, Jamie, Jess…I love you all!)


So go spread the love…adult flair, girl scout style! We all deserve it for just surviving!

The Lost Art of Origami…or Why I Wish Texting Was Banned on Occasion

Middle school was the beginning of “crush letters”. My heart raced when I liked a boy and he liked me back. I hid my spiral 5 Star under the desk and wrote out mini pieces of my heart on the lines. I tore out the college ruled paper, careful to keep the edges clean, and thoughtfully worked my origami magic. When the bell rang, I would race to my locker to meet him in the hopes that he had a ninja star shaped letter for me. They weren’t the most romantic words penciled across the pages, but the idea that someone took the time to think of you was what counted.

In high school, notepads were replaced with numbers as I waited every night for my teal plastic pager to vibrate with a 143 page or a 4663-64448 (goodnight). The numbers were just enough to say “I care”, but not the only way to communicate. By senior year, pagers were obsolescent and cell phones allowed for instant communication. I could chat with my prospective boyfriend any time of the day about everything and nothing and my parents were finally off my back for my house phone ringing past 10P. The sweet voice messages sent and received were spontaneous and heartfelt. You only had 25 seconds to be witty and get your point across. Unlike the messages left on your home answering machine, they were for your ears only and could be replayed a million times over by just the push of a button.

Although everyone had cell phones in college, we were brought back to our middle school days and crush notes by one small and simple item: the white board. After class, I couldn’t wait for the elevator to open up on my dorm room floor so I could see if there were any “crush notes” written across my board in neon colored ink. Even if it was smallest “Can’t wait to see you” note and wiped away by my roommate within minutes of me seeing it, it would always make my day.

Texting was never big when I was in school and dating. They weren’t very popular and no one had an unlimited packages. Just within the past few years, it seems as though texting is the only form of communication that boys know how to use. I can’t tell you the number of friends that have experienced this situation:

Boy meets girl.

Boy gets girls digits.

5 days pass….

Boy texts girl Are you out? or Plans for the night?

Does this mean that they boy is asking you out? Does he really want to meet up? And how many other girls does he text these same type of messages to? Is it too hard to pick up the phone and call?

I don’t know what it is about the texts, but they seem to be a little lack luster in my book. There isn’t any thought to them. No matter how hard you try, you can’t tell their tone or hold them in your fingers or relive their excitement over and over. It breaks my heart to know that my chances of getting a true love letter are diminishing the older I get and the more innovative technology becomes. I miss my origami…

If waiting for your own is killing you as much as it’s killing me, I highly recommend just reading Other People’s Love Letters. Although slightly voyeuristic, it’s only $15 at Amazon and will tide you over until the post man brings you one of your own.

PS- The word “texting” isn’t even recognized in spell check!

I knew I wasn’t alone in this…

My favorite Post Secret this week. Click HERE for the rest.

It reminds me of this one from April 27, 2008.

Wishing I was by a pool…

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to be home in my entire life. I am so exhausted and my thoughts are racing. But part of me still wishes I was laying by the pool in FL without the chaos of colleagues all around.

I have to start by saying thank you to Brookem and Brandy for helping me out while I was away. They’re both amazing and I hope that I get to meet them both some day (sooner than later).

Florida was the best until I had to start working…Jules and I had a great time running around Orlando and acting like children.

Florida was filled with men: creepy old men that I work with (the ratio is at least10 men to every woman), men named Jose, men that make me swoon, men that make me vile. Here’s a pic of my favorite man of the week!

I have so much to tell you, but not enough energy to get all my thoughts together. So in the mean time, be jealous of my superhero boyfriend, and have a great weekend!

I just earned "The Guest Post" Badge

Hello Readers! While Sara is away, I’m here to entertain you. I’m Brandy from, “It’s like I’m…mmmagic!“. When Sara asked me to guest post, I had a completely different topic in mind. Then-a small, well dressed bird told me the tale of how darling Sara was so kind that she mailed this little bird Girl Scout badges for her upcoming Halloween costume. I thought that was one of the nicest things I had ever heard. Which got me thinking about badges. Which got me thinking of one of my all-time favorite posts that I decided to share with you instead.

Little Known Fact: I was in Brownies

I started out as a mere pixie but worked my way up to full Brownie status in record time because I hated not wearing the sash and having a chance to wear badges. Why? Badges = Flair

Even at an early age, flair was important to me. And although I no longer remember all of the badges I earned (other than a cutthroat game of lawn bowling that gave me the bowling badge and my cake baking badge that would have made Martha Stewart squeal with glee), I still like the idea of showing off your talents through badges. Or… as I call them, flair.

Which got me thinking. As we get older, the obstacles we surmount and the goals we reach become even bigger, so where is the flair now? There are definite achievements I’ve reached and battles I’ve had to overcome that I feel are completely badge worthy and should be showcased on some ultra hip sash-like accessory. We still applaud ourselves when we overcome obstacles and do what we dream of doing, but other than just telling someone of our success is there another way? Can’t I wear my success on my sleeve? Can’t we bring back badges? I have things I want to tell the world!

These Include:
– learning how to cha-cha in Spain
– surviving the kind of breakup that is so horrible people assume you are making it up. Until they see your face and realize you are serious.
– explaining to 30 year old college students I taught why theatre makes them better people when they all just want to go for a smoke
– teaching my mom how to do a tequila shot in Mexico
– discovering the perfect sentence to whisper
– backpacking up an Italian mountain while fighting mono. Actually, backpacking Europe in general while fighting mono.
– letting it go (it? Him?)
– speaking at a funeral, playing a musical instrument at a wedding and holding a baby without dropping it
– becoming that friend who people know they can call at 3am
– becoming that friend who is brave enough to call the person they need to at 3am
– moving a too big couch into a too small elevator (unless you’ve attempted it, you have NO idea)
– not always asking ‘what if?’, but instead allowing myself to ask ‘why not?’
– baking the worlds best cookie
possibly liking cats

Still on my flair list (it sounds a lot more hip than ‘to-do’): becoming a skilled cupcake decorator, learning how to bait a hook, forgiving AND forgetting those who don’t deserve my time.

As for Miss Sara, I think she’s definitely earned her “good friend” badge with her mail packages sent to friends to help them with their Halloween costumes.

What badges do you wish you could show off for everyone to see?