Love to Love to Love it!

I heart Jennifer Ramos of Made by Girl, and Jenn loves LOVE.
(Which I love that she loves)
Last week, she posted a link to Maria’s site Finally Seeing…

It’s filled with inspirational love pictures and quotes. I spent hours going though the archives and saving things into my “Inspiration” folder. It’s very ambiguous, and I’m dying to know the rest of the story! Who did she love? How long did she love him? What did he do to her? Will she let herself love again?

“ One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.”
James Earl Jones (via affremblequotes) (via rainiscalling) (via stare-at-walls)

Caption: *I don’t know which answer is worse.

These are just a few of my favorites. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more with you over time!


9 responses to “Love to Love to Love it!

  1. I know, her blog is amazing!!

  2. seriously, i do LOVE this site!! i almost wrote something about it today! and you know what’s great? when i think about it, i think of you! 🙂

  3. I would love to have James Earl Jones’ voice. It would really help me when I have to present trials to a jury.

  4. I love those quotes! It is hard to not be able to say what you want. It’s also hard to say something when you know the other person will never really care…

  5. I don’t think it’s
    possible for me to
    love this anymore
    then I already do.

    Thanks for bringing
    it into my life, SJ!

  6. This is the kind of stuff I LOVE. And I LOVE that you’ve let me know about this! 🙂 I plan on spending the remainder of my evening perusing this site!!


  7. I am very excited about this site. Thank you for the intro. I eat this stuff up!

  8. Seriously, I have only gone back like two weeks in the archives–this is a great blog.

    My fave quote so far is one by Melpo Mene–“Now we are olderand things disappeared somehow, and I was thinking that maybe we’d stand a better chance if we’d met today.”

    Good find, SJ.

  9. Oh, those are all so good! I’m definitely going to have to check out her site! Also, yes to the guest post- I’m all about guest posting. Just email me (I would email you but I can’t find your address)and let me know the details of what day.

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