Believe in Yourself

Today I BELIEVE that the power of BELIEVE is contagious!

Last week I did a BELIEVE post and it seems to be catching on…

Amanda BELIEVES in finding excitement in day to day life.

Auburn Kat BELIEVES Mr. Right is around the corner and in herself. (Which is perhaps one of the most important things to believe in.)

I’m Just Me left me a killer comment on what she’s believing in:

I believe even in sorrow there is strength and even in tragedy there is triumph. everything is what it is. and it is always what it was meant to be. you are where you are meant to be so stop waiting to become something.

I believe in no regrets..
just appreciate “another growth opportunity” when it comes your way… that’s how it is… opportunity knocking sometimes feels like being hit with a sledge hammer during a bad hangover.

I believe in prayer.
pray to whoever and whatever soothes you. pray to yourself. and pray for yourself. breathe with thought and live with intention. give thanks and be present in the life of your today’s not your yesterdays or your tomorrows.

I believe in love.
love who you are- you are the only person you have a life time guarantee with. love coffee- the affects are amazing. love her even if you’re scared. love him even if you’ve been hurt before. love rain and love sunshine, every day on earth is a gift regardless of the weather.

I believe in saying thank you & meaning it.

Today she gave me a few more details on her post. Pretty much sums up a lot of how I feel a lot of days…like coffee…Go show her some love.

Happy Hump Day!


4 responses to “Believe in Yourself

  1. I believe I need to finish my I believe blog! 🙂

  2. I don’t really know what I believe in (uh oh) so I’m not sure I can do the believe blog.

    However, I would like you to know that I am VERY happy with your blogs this past week. I had nothing inspiring to read when you went blog MIA! I’m glad you’re back and providing some awesome reads!

  3. I always BELIEVE!
    Because hey, why not?
    (I do a Believe post
    on my blog regularly…
    but before I blogged-
    I used to, at the beginning
    of each week-write out
    my “I Believes” and
    tape it on my bedroom
    door as a positive smile
    whenever I left and entered.

    In college, I would get
    my roommates “I Believes”
    and collaborate them
    onto one paper and
    tape it to our front door.

    People who would come to
    visit ALWAYS asked about
    it…such a conversation
    starter! And it was neat
    to see how different our
    “beliefs” were week after

    Happy Wacky Wednesday to

  4. I believe I just woke up from a two and a half hr nap because I feel a cold coming on=)

    I love writing the I believe posts!

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