The One Where I Invite You In My Home

Back in April all of you were with me through my first home purchase! It was crazy…and I feel like such a grown up and so young all at the same time. I had promised a few people that I would post pictures of my home, but I never felt like it was READY…not decorated enough, not clean enough. Then I thought…who cares.

Just like me, it’s a work in progress. But it’s MY work in progress.

Welcome to MY HOME!
966 square foot townhome in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte, NC


Dinning Area

TV Area: I need a picture or mirror above the sofa. Also, you can’t see it, but straight across is a brick wall that the builders painted over. I wish it was fully exposed, but I like that it gives a bit of character. I’ve been thinking of doing a bunch of pics, like Kay posted today. Thoughts?

Back Patio: It’s very small. But I did plant that hydrangia that’s hiding behind my seating.

Home Office: I don’t have a local office for work, so this is where I work, blog, think. I’m dying to get some Potterbarn Serafina shades.

I’m dying for the chair, but it’s not in the budget these days!

Getting Pretty Room: Sort of a Seafoam Blue

Bedroom: Still in need of some work. Not shown is the large dresser.

There is still so much that I want to do…but I’m still so happy with the way it stands now. If you have any good sites for art or you see any PB Serafina on sale let me know!


21 responses to “The One Where I Invite You In My Home

  1. Lovely house. The patio furniture kicks ass. Looks like the perfect spot for a nap. Today. Right now.

  2. You should look on etsy for some stuff that is handmade and cheap! I love your bathroom! I love love LOVE those towels! It is awesome that you own a house, and I like that you get to work from home! I wish that I got to do that…in fact I don’t think I knew people actaully did that 😉

  3. What are you doing living in my dream home? Everything is SO CUTE! I have Audrey in my place too, by the way!!

  4. You know what I love about your home? I love that our tastes are completely different, yet I still adore your home. I think my favorite part is your backyard. A little urban oasis.

  5. Oh. I totally dig the
    house, SJ! From what
    I know of you…as in…
    your blogging personality,
    which I just love, your
    home is exactly what
    I would expect.
    Chic. Homey. Fashionable.

    The Audrey print is
    fabulous. I wouldn’t
    mind dining with her
    every night!

  6. wow.. your house looks great!!!

  7. I’m so jealous of your house!!! I should post some of my hole and then you’d know just how very lucky you are! 🙂

  8. Sara, your place is absolutely lovely! I am a big fan of the colors/patterns you have chosen. Also, love Audrey above the table. Too cute. xo

  9. I love it! That just made me really miss my house in Arkansas! Maybe I should post pictures of it…

  10. I like brown and blue pillows on your couches. Those colors just go together soooo well.

    I could do some serious relaxing on your porch!

    Anyway, you’ve done a wonderful job. Wish you could come help me.

  11. What is the most unusual thing about your house? For instance, do you have a picture of dogs playing poker over the dining room table or something like that?

  12. Thank you all so much for the sweet words. Things are still in the works, and I’m still putting more personal touches on things. I feel like I’d rather have a blank wall than something that I don’t LOVE.

    Haley- The towels are from Target!

    Kris- I love Audrey. I’m not surprised she’s in your home too!

    Nilsa- I love a lot of styles that aren’t my own too! I’d love to see your place.

    Ally- I’m so lucky to have had great friends helping me!

    Thomas- I wish I could say yes. I’m looking for the perfect piece of art that just calls to me. But my house is very very girly…like my pink bedroom. I tried to make it like my living doll house.

    I think that the most interesting part is that my neighborhood is in a very eclectic part of town. There are over 100 homes in my complex and I haven’t been in any that are remotely the same. There’s such a mix of people in the neighborhood!

    It’s also a bit Melrose Place with a bunch of romance, parties and gossip! There’s always some good entertainment!

  13. very cute AND clean, now I will never post pictures of my house on the internet, you set the bar too high!

  14. Very pretty home… and very clean and tidy!

  15. love your place!!!! i especially love your patio and the hydrangea you planted…i planted one, too! and i love your bedroom, it is so chic!

  16. love the back patio. i miss things like that here in Vegas. I have been house hunting a little and found a house with a nice backyard (rare here) almost reason enough to buy!!

  17. You’re house looks great!!! And I’d be so jealous of your serafina shades. One of these days it will go on sale and I will be rocking the same shades as well 😉

    Btw.. you’re backyard looks like it should be feature in The Hills! loves it

  18. haha – i think we are both reading each others blog at the same time! cool. you have a lovely home – you go girl young, beautiful AND a homeowner! wicked.

  19. Oh, it is so cute! I like it. I want to go lay on your porch in the NC sun. Mmm.

    Some day when I move out of my NYC box, I will reference this blog to give me some ideas!

  20. I LOVE your house! I would kill for that back patio, you are so lucky!!

  21. i love your place! it looks perfect for watching Top Model.

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