Free Monday

Hey Big Sexies! I’m Brookem, filling in for Miss Sara today, while she does her business thing in Florida (jealous) this week.

I’m kind of lucky today because I’m one of the bunch of people that scored a day off. There’s a whole long list of things that I was hoping to accomplish today: clean out my fridge (lame), get an oil change (sucks), take some pictures of the foliage (fun), work out (necessary), pick a new HOH (one of my favorites), guest post for Sara! (what the hell do I write about?), complete my nursing school application (daunting), and watch P.S. I Love You (without totally breaking down) (probably unmanageable) for the sixth time in three weeks.

Out of all of these things, there are only a couple that I really wanted to do, and hardly any that I have actually gotten done thus far. The one that hit the top of my list was this here guest post, because when someone like Sara asks you to do a guest post for her, you just can’t not do it. You excitedly respond to her email on contact asking you to do this favor for her, and only then do you realize that you hardly have been able to get it up for your bloggy space as of late, so what the hell could you come up with for a guest post?!?

You see, Sara’s the type of bloggy friend that I wish I had in real life. She’s the type of girl that even if you haven’t “met” yet, she’ll go out of her way to send you a care package complete with a copy of the Amos Lee CD that got ruined in your car stereo that just busted, and little pieces of flair to add to your Halloween costume. She’ll send you “have a great weekend!” emails right before she’s supposed to leave on her busy work trip. She’ll text you when she’s there about the cute men she’s meeting and the fun she’s having (these texts that will make you jealous). She’s just that much of a gem. So out of all of the things on my silly to-do list today, guest posting here was the one that I really actually wanted to do, and the one that I knew wouldn’t make me either flip out (the nursing school thing), or head in one of those nasty woe-is-me-single-girl downward spirals (watching P.S. I Love You and realizing how much I long to meet a real life version of wickedly sexy, passionate Jerry one day).

So anyway, what do you all do on a freebie day off? Not just a regular weekend, but an extra bonus day off during the week? Are you one of those people to tries to cram heaps of things into the day to feel like you really got a lot accomplished and milked it for all it was worth (I hate that phrase? by the way)? Or are you the type of person who likes to just use the day to relax and chill and do a whole hell of a lot of nothing?

I go back and forth. I’m certainly not a jam-packer-inner. I don’t want to end up totally beat from the freebie day off, that’s for sure. I also like to use a day like this to do something that I wouldn’t necessarily spend time doing during the week. Like walking around the city. Sitting in the park reading a book and people watching. Going for a long run. Going to a bookstore for an afternoon. Taking a mini day trip somewhere. Sitting on the bench in front of the fire station and drooling over the men in uniform sipping a coffee whilst reading a magazine.

Sadly, I think the only things I got in today that I really wanted to do was the workout and this guest post. Oh and I also whipped up some killer apple crisp homemade with apples I picked over the weekend. Now that’s something.

Anyway, here’s hoping that all of you are either having a good Monday at work (I realize that’s mostly an oxymoron), or enjoying your freebie of day off (or Thanksgiving, if you’re from Canada!).

Go Sox!


5 responses to “Free Monday

  1. Yup, I was one of those lucky ones to have the day off too! It was just nice not to have to get up before the sun came up!

  2. I like to be that person who gets a lot of stuff done on the day off, but sadly I am not. I’m the girl who watches 8 episodes of SATC, puts down her snack and wonders where the day went. I have remedied this by writing out really specific to-do lists- this has saved my life.

    Okay, not actually literally SAVED MY LIFE, but still. My sanity was definitely saved. That I can say with 100% confidence.

  3. Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    Hey you! I was not fortunate enough to have the day off so I worked today but when I do luck up and have a day off I usually either like to do something really fun or just veg out all day in front of the TV.

  4. Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    Hey you! I was not fortunate enough to have the day off so I worked today but when I do luck up and have a day off I usually either like to do something really fun or just veg out all day in front of the TV.

  5. She sounds like a real
    gem! And I don’t
    doubt any of those things
    you mentioned.

    Your apple crisps sound
    totally delishhh.

    I LOVE P.S I Love You.
    Sighhh. I think your
    day seemed to be quite
    a terrific off day for

    And lets go Phils!

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