I just earned "The Guest Post" Badge

Hello Readers! While Sara is away, I’m here to entertain you. I’m Brandy from, “It’s like I’m…mmmagic!“. When Sara asked me to guest post, I had a completely different topic in mind. Then-a small, well dressed bird told me the tale of how darling Sara was so kind that she mailed this little bird Girl Scout badges for her upcoming Halloween costume. I thought that was one of the nicest things I had ever heard. Which got me thinking about badges. Which got me thinking of one of my all-time favorite posts that I decided to share with you instead.

Little Known Fact: I was in Brownies

I started out as a mere pixie but worked my way up to full Brownie status in record time because I hated not wearing the sash and having a chance to wear badges. Why? Badges = Flair

Even at an early age, flair was important to me. And although I no longer remember all of the badges I earned (other than a cutthroat game of lawn bowling that gave me the bowling badge and my cake baking badge that would have made Martha Stewart squeal with glee), I still like the idea of showing off your talents through badges. Or… as I call them, flair.

Which got me thinking. As we get older, the obstacles we surmount and the goals we reach become even bigger, so where is the flair now? There are definite achievements I’ve reached and battles I’ve had to overcome that I feel are completely badge worthy and should be showcased on some ultra hip sash-like accessory. We still applaud ourselves when we overcome obstacles and do what we dream of doing, but other than just telling someone of our success is there another way? Can’t I wear my success on my sleeve? Can’t we bring back badges? I have things I want to tell the world!

These Include:
– learning how to cha-cha in Spain
– surviving the kind of breakup that is so horrible people assume you are making it up. Until they see your face and realize you are serious.
– explaining to 30 year old college students I taught why theatre makes them better people when they all just want to go for a smoke
– teaching my mom how to do a tequila shot in Mexico
– discovering the perfect sentence to whisper
– backpacking up an Italian mountain while fighting mono. Actually, backpacking Europe in general while fighting mono.
– letting it go (it? Him?)
– speaking at a funeral, playing a musical instrument at a wedding and holding a baby without dropping it
– becoming that friend who people know they can call at 3am
– becoming that friend who is brave enough to call the person they need to at 3am
– moving a too big couch into a too small elevator (unless you’ve attempted it, you have NO idea)
– not always asking ‘what if?’, but instead allowing myself to ask ‘why not?’
– baking the worlds best cookie
possibly liking cats

Still on my flair list (it sounds a lot more hip than ‘to-do’): becoming a skilled cupcake decorator, learning how to bait a hook, forgiving AND forgetting those who don’t deserve my time.

As for Miss Sara, I think she’s definitely earned her “good friend” badge with her mail packages sent to friends to help them with their Halloween costumes.

What badges do you wish you could show off for everyone to see?


9 responses to “I just earned "The Guest Post" Badge

  1. Great guest post! I deserve the turning your tongue into three little loops badge. I can also do two and one of course.

  2. damn straight she earned her badge! im the lucky birdie who gets to show off the flair! (i feel so… english, saying “bird.”)

    you’ve earned some really good flair indeed. let’s see… i’d like some flair for… moving on. learning how to bake a damn good apple crisp. knowing when to let something go. the absinthe shots i took a few weeks ago.

    (what’s the perfect sentence to whisper?)

  3. “best sentence to whisper” -I love that. I guess I’d like the reveling-in-the-wonder-of-gossip girl-with-my-lebanese-pen-pal badge, and perhaps the surviving-a-12-hr-greyhound-ride-and-then-celebrating-a-friend’s-21st badge.

  4. I want my, “I took my two small children and my divorce to law school with me and survived it!” badge, bitches.

  5. I have a fake Girl Scout badge that I keep in my kitchen… it has a scout holding a frying pan on fire and says “Demerit Badge: Can’t Cook.”

  6. Well, if you ever come to Mexico with your mom gimme a call and I’ll take you to drink some tequila 🙂

  7. Ok first off Brandy I just LOVE the flair adult badge idea. I am a Facebook addict and am even more addicted to the flair application. There are a bunch of women that I work with who are also into Facebook flair, so much so we have purchased our own pin making machine so we can make our own flair. So long story short I like the idea of creating real life accomplishment Girl Scout inspired badges (or flair in your world). I might just have to blog more about this thought myself!

  8. Badges are a brilliant idea. But, knowing me, I would demand badges just for being me.

  9. I would like the “Dropped my life and followed my heart across the country with no regrets” badge!

    Leah (www.fiveblondes.com)

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