Girl Scout Style

I was never a girl scout. I hate writing that.

When I was young, my mom rarely told me no. I played violin, flute, danced (tap, jazz, ballet), played the flute, went to acting classes in NYC, traveled nationally with a children’s choir, and studied kung fu and karate. YES was a word that I was good getting my mom to say. But when it came to being a girl scout, all my mom could say was N-O. Actually, I think her exact words were, “What part of NO do you not understand?”. Obviously, she didn’t understand my Troop Beverly Hills fetish. I think she just didn’t want to mess with all the cookies. But then, she let my little sister join when she was in grade school and I was fuming. On the flip side, my sister was not half as busy as I was as a child.

I bet your wondering where I’m going with this… it’s back to Brandy’s guest post on badges.

As a child, I didn’t get badges for my sash, but I did get ribbons at contests and certificates at recitals. But Brandy’s right, we need to celebrate our accomplishments. We need badges or pins on a ultra chic style. I’m thinking on the best way for this, but we deserve it.

Brandy asked the question, what do you deserve badges for? So I feel the need to share a few of mine:

-Moving to a new town where I knew very few people.
-Running my first 10K.
-Cutting him out.
-Not being afraid of change.
-Buying my first home.
-The ability to “Shake it Like Shakria” (Brandy, I think your need to trademark that phrase)
-White Water Rafting
-Poster Board decorating skills (I should have been a kindergarten teacher)
-Trying new foods that I know I will hate before I put in my mouth
-Baiting my own hook
-Trying to be a good friend even when it’s hard
-Not returning his email
-Being a good nickname giver
-Surving male dominated work conferences and my ability to not punch a few of them in the face no matter how hard I wanted to!

Badges I hope to get (as Brandy stated…a more hip to do list): touch an elephant, vacation alone, live without regret, let go of the fear of failure and never giving up.

Thanks for the “Good Friend” badge Brandy. You and Brookem deserve the “Guest Post” badge along with the “Keeping me entertained during long business meetings” badge!

Speaking of flair…thank you to Miss Musings who gave me the only blog award I’ve ever received.

Now I get to give the gift of flair to a few others that I heart (in no order at all):

Andrea’s Brain

Auburn Cat

With Rainbows on My Feet

Five Blondes

I’m Not Really a Diva

Skrinkering Hearts

The JQ Lounge

My Cynical POV

Umm… Now what? ( I couldn’t pick…Chelsea, Brandy, Pointfull Princess, Jamie, Jess…I love you all!)


So go spread the love…adult flair, girl scout style! We all deserve it for just surviving!

12 responses to “Girl Scout Style

  1. I also give you an HGTV Badge for making your house look so fabulous!!! Thanks for the award πŸ˜‰

  2. Woot, woot! Thanks for the award, SJ. It is appreciated! Now if only I could figure out how to put those ‘badges’ onto my blog so I could wear ’em proud!

    Sidenote: I was a Girl Scout Leader in college even though I hated Girl Scouts when I was little!

  3. Yayyy to the award-getters!
    Always funnn!

    I love that you give
    yourself the good
    nickname giver badge.
    Haha. You are too cute.


    I hated the stupid Red
    Feathers Troop. Pshh.

  4. Aww this was just the greatest thing to read today! I especially loved your one about ‘touching an elephant’. I remember when I finally DID touch an elephant I was surprised at how soft it was. Ohh man I love elephants.

  5. Awww, thanks!

    I think I should get a badge for dealing with the crazy staff at my doctor’s office!

  6. oh i love your reasons for badges!!

    thank you for the award lady!

  7. Elephants feel just like you would imagine. It is a must do in life!

  8. Being a good nickname giver is much harder than people realize.

  9. Can I skip out on badges and just get the cookies?? πŸ™‚

    Great post!!

  10. Aww, thanks for the award miss Sara. After the *longest* day in Chicago, this was a very uplifting post! XO

    Um…it’s not letting me log in for some reason…it’s me! Jamie! πŸ™‚

  11. i am so flattered! thank you for the award – seriously made me a little bit happier when i saw it πŸ™‚ ’cause everyone likes an award every now and then right? thank you πŸ™‚

  12. Dear friend, I miss you. Where are you? πŸ™‚

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