For the Birds

I love my mother dearly, but I never thought that we were too much alike. Recently, as in the past few years, I’ve found myself saying things that make me realize I sound just like my mother. For example…this morning I woke up and realized I hadn’t written anything yet towards my NoBloPoMo for today. I wasn’t finding much inspiration for something worth posting and I said to my self, “Who has the time or the energy to write something every day worth reading for 30 days straight? Not me. Noblopomo is for the birds.”


I have officially turned into my mother.

She used to say that all the time when I was growing up.

You don’t want to watch that crap, it’s for the birds.

You don’t need to spend that kind of money on those, that’s for the birds.

So this morning, I almost decided to quit NoBloPoMo…because it’s for the birds. But then my mom came back into my head again to remind me that I don’t quit. She used to say that if I didn’t like something, I never had to do it again. But once I started, I had to finish. No matter how much I didn’t like it. No discussion.

So, in honor of my mom and not quitting, these are a few other things that I think are for the birds…

My new comp plan.

Paying more than $1000 for a handbag.

Working on Fridays at all past 4PM.

Mopping floors/ cleaning baseboards.

Running 13 miles. *Even though I’m doing it in 5 weeks.

Treating dating like a sales pitch.

Lusting over a boy who doesn’t give you the time of day.

Caring about Heidi and Spencer or if Audrina is moving out.

Waking up before 6AM.

Looking up old flames on FB.

Going as long as I have without a pedicure.

Not living life to the fullest.

What do you think is For The Birds these days?


12 responses to “For the Birds

  1. I said “toodles” once.


    Totally something my mom says.

  2. Road rage
    Behavioural ruts
    Writer’s block
    Shivering outside
    Fairweather friends

    The birds can have them all!

  3. for the birds! i say it too:)

    -needing to have a plan
    -all this rain
    not trying

  4. I love this post! Because in all honestly, we ALL begin to reflect our parents at some point in time.

    My list of things that can go to the birds include:
    NaBloPooPoo (my personal opinion)
    Cleaning anything that requires more than a little soap and water (true princess here)

  5. Not being a part of my own plan.

  6. The dating like it’s a salespitch one made me laugh. I definitely relate! 😉

    As for what I think is for the birds?

    – judging people by their footwear. Especially their winter footwear. Hello, I know people hate uggs, but it’s winter in Canada now and they are easy to put on. I wear them. Deal with it universe.

    – doing anything you don’t HAVE to do because you feel like you SHOULD do it. (pressure is good for tires, not my life)

    – paying more for mascara than I do to fill up my car.

    This is such a great idea Miss Sara… I think I might have to borrow it!

  7. I had a teacher who was obsessed with birds. She used to always say, “but as a birder, I am clearly for the birds…what does that say about me?”

    Babysitting tomorrow morning at 7 am (a 30 minute subway ride away) is FOR THE BIRDS!

  8. -Working Saturdays
    -Getting up at 4:30am
    -My coffee shop being closed
    -Friends that only call when they want something from you
    -Toronto Maple Leafs losing in shootouts

    these things are ALL for the birds!

    P.S. I hate working saturdays, and I REALLY hate geting up at 4:30 for work!

  9. I read your blog from time to time and have never commented, but this one got me… I have been lusting over someone for the past month. He has not given me the time of day, but I have held out hope because I’m a dumb girl. Until now. I’m done. It’s for the birds.

  10. I think being in the hospital and sick are for the birds!!!

  11. For the birds…

    Working retail.
    Missing my train.
    Getting stuck in traffic.

    Sometimes, it’s not
    so bad turning into
    the mom, huh? She was
    the inspiration behind
    a great blog post!

  12. I’m so glad you didn’t quit! I love new stuff everyday- how fun and exciting!

    Giving up is for the birds. Never ever ever ever give up!

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