Listen Closely

I hear them calling my name… Don’t You?

SJ…You MUST HAVE ME! I will compliment all of your fall/ winter looks.
Cross my heart.

10 responses to “Listen Closely

  1. Those shoes are TROUBLE!

  2. I’m drooling over here.

    I wish that..

    1) I had the money to afford those babies.
    2) I could actually walk in heels that high. Unfortunately I can’t.

  3. Laura- I know…

    Hope- If I could only afford them, I would practice my walk until I could strut like Naomi in them!

  4. Well, they’re definitely not calling my name … because they’d kill me if they were … so, good thing you hear your name being called! =)

  5. Oh hello lover!

  6. They must have dialed the wrong number. Just like the pair you wore for John’s wedding, they would kill your feet. Plus, you are FOR THE BIRDS!!!!!MOM

  7. Psssttt…SJ…buy me…
    buy me…

    (I hear it too)

    How can you resist? They
    are way too tempting
    and pretty to turn down!

  8. You NEED those. Seriously.

  9. So so pretty!!

  10. I have an unhealthy obsession with Louboutin.


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