I’m Not.

I’m NOT good at coming up with my own material lately. Thank goodness others are!

Brookem is one of my favorite bloggers. Her NOT post not only inspired me, but a few others as well. I always thought that the best way to describe yourself was in the things that you are, but she’s had me thinking for a few days on all the things that I’m not. I only hope that I can pay her justice…

I’m not as naive or innocent as I seem at first glance. I swear, drink, and tell raunchy stories all the time on occasion. This is not something that I want everyone to know. I use it as my secret weapon. You see, I’m not a brain child. There are so many things that don’t come easy to me. I am where I am today more because of drive and determination than talent. I’m also not as dumb as many people think I am. Some days I feel like people tell me more information than I need to know because they think I don’t understand. This is an amazing power to have once you figure out how to use it to your advantage. Who’s the dumb one now?

I’m not good at reading maps, following directions or even paying attention to my gps. I drive all the time for work, and I am perpetually lost, no matter how hard I try to stay on track. Perhaps this is because although I’m not a bad multitasker, I’m not good at paying attention to anything when my blackberry is in my hand. Don’t be afraid, I put it down on occasion.

I’m not a healthy eater. I’m not one to pass up pizza, fast food or a steak dinner. Even if I’ve just eaten. I’m not easy going when it comes to food. Texture freaks me out. I guess that’s why I’m not a sushi eater. I’m not a fan of condiments. I rarely eat them, only ketchup or a vinaigrette based dressing. I guess that’s how I still fit in my clothing after all those fries.

I’m not good at sports. I’m not good at playing them or understanding them. I wish I could say that it was just football that I didn’t get, but it’s pretty much all of them. I’m also not good at turning down free tickets to any sporting event. Much like Brookem, I’m solely there for social reasons. I love the men, the uniforms, the drinks, the men, the nachos, the half time performances, cheerleaders, the men…just not the game.

I’m not a finance guru. I don’t balance my accounts aside from online, and I don’t keep a fancy excel sheet that lays out my monthly bills. If there’s money in the bank after all is paid, I tend to go shopping. Speaking of shopping, I’m not a bargain guru. I never find the cute shirt on the sale rack or the boots of the season in my size hiding in the wrong box at Marshall’s. I’m also not a music guru, movie guru or love guru. I’m actually not a guru at anything. I’ve always seemed to be a jack of all trades, yet master of none.

I’m not one for going out every night of the weekend. There’s something wonderful about waking up without the blast of the alarm, without a hangover, and with no work or worries. When I do make it out on the town, I’m not one for standing around at the bar when there’s music playing. I shake it like a Beyonce back up dancer. I’m also not one to care who’s watching.

I’m not good at hiding my emotions and I’m not a middle of the road kind of girl. When life is good, I’m on top of the world and I want everyone up there with me. When I’m down in the dumps, there’s little I can do to hide the disappointment and despair in my heart. The feelings consume me. I guess this is why I’m not one for holding grudges or staying mad for long. It’s not worth it.

I’m not as traveled, educated or spontaneous as I want to be. These are all works in progress. I’m not anyone’s girlfriend, wife, mother or Aunt, but I hope to be all of these things some day too. Wow, that sounds so much better than a mid 20’s lonely single woman who is wondering when her little brother and his wifey will start having babies. Maybe I should talk in NOTS more often.

I’m not nearly close to done writing this…but if I don’t post soon I’ll officially NOT have achieved Nablopomo. Which I still think is for the birds.

PS- Thanks Brookem, I heart you and all of your fab posts. And because she may or may NOT be one for tooting her own horn…check out her rave reviews here. Remind me again why I don’t live closer to Boston?


12 responses to “I’m Not.

  1. oooh i LOVE this post – so interesting to read all the things you are NOT. what an interesting way to write it – i may have to *ahem* borrow this from you 🙂

  2. From what I’ve read you sound like a pretty cool chick!

    the list of things I’m not would be something I think someone else should write for me… I’m not very good at seeing myself for what I really am.

  3. I love it!!!!

    I am not a ‘master’ at anything, either. It’s always sort of bothered me. I know a few t hings about everything but not EVERYTHING about one single thing. Frustrating, I think? Or maybe cool? I’m not sure.

  4. This is a wonderful post. Really. How can you really know yourself until you know what you’re not. Bravo!

  5. aw sara, look at you and your bad self with all these nice things you’re saying! thank you so much. you know i heart you back just the same. i picture us on a road trip one day, being completely lost (because im also, NOT good with directions), blasting the tunes, and just completely loving every second of it.

    your NOT post was wonderful- such a unique and fun way to learn more about a person. we share heaps in common!

  6. Love this. I’m stealing it.

    We are condiment twins, you and I.

    We actually have a lot in common–the issue of keeping our emotionsin check, not going out every night of the weekend, not being wifes, mothers, etc. I do have the aunt thing, though, and that, you are absolutely going to love.


  7. i’m right there with you in regard to the hiding the emotions bit. i’m HORRIBLE at it.

    and you’re right, half the time it isn’t worth it.

  8. I loved this post!!!

    So, I take it that you like the men at the sporting events?

  9. Check out my latest blog, I awarded you my brand new blog award!

  10. I really love these not
    posts. Mmmhmm.

    I get lost all the time!
    Maps mean nothing to
    me, really. And I’m
    also always driving.
    I shouldn’t probably be
    better…but yeah, I’m not.

  11. Hi Sara. Thank you for linking me. I really loved you nots. Didn’t you just thoroughly enjoy how thought provoking it was to come up with a list of nots?? And then I just spent an hour reading your archives and I will definitely be following you on WP. Glad to have found you! 🙂

  12. This is such a great post! It made me realize we have a lot in common. Like you, I am not good with directions. In fact, I think I would be lost 85% of the time if I didn’t have GPS in my car.

    I also have texture issues with food (sushi, oatmeal, BLECHHHHHHH!)


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