I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.

 “People don’t keep journals for themselves. They keep them for other people, like a secret they don’t want to tell, but they want everyone to know”.
-Found Here.  
As soon as I saw this quote it made me think of all of you. I guess blogging to me is like journaling…but the quote is right. It allows me a forum to tell people things that I wouldn’t always get to say. Today is Blog Secret day, and I’m so sad to say that time flew by, and I didn’t get the chance to share my secrets with anyone. A special thanks to SoMi for making this idea possible, and to everyone who shared their secrets. I had a great time reading all of yours.

10 responses to “I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.

  1. Very true, and agree.

    Sometimes ‘writing it out’ is a great way to get something off your mind without being worried about being judged. 🙂

  2. I didn’t have time to get mine in either. Bummer. I totally agree–I think of my blog as a journal, but it’s a journal I want all of you to read. There’s something about our community of blog friends that I think is pretty special.


  3. hmmmm i’ve never thought of it like that. how interesting.

    thanks for the comment on eyeliners! i was actually thinking mac fluidline might be the thing but wasn’t sure. i’m gonna buy it…at lunch…oy.lol.

  4. I missed Blog Secret too. I had a really good one too, I’m so bummed. 😦 I loved reading all of them though, they were SO good.

  5. That is so true!

    I wish I had written a blog secret as well, but I had a busy weekend and didn’t really give it much thought.

  6. I heart Blog Secret Day.
    What a great idea. Wish
    I took part…but I too
    enjoyed reading others.

  7. But, you DID take part in BlogSecret, even if you didn’t submit your own. By reading (and hopefully commenting on) other secrets, you are helping people work through their hidden truths. It’s really remarkable, isn’t it?!

  8. Blogging is definitely a form of therapy for me! What can I say, I love being cheered on from all over the world!

  9. You are so very true…. I have always thought of journals as something to help people in the future know more about me. Now they don’t get to enjoy my cute penmanship or my unique spellings, just what I have to type. It is the future, we have not choice.

  10. I got back and forth on this. I keep a journal…always have like since I almost couldn’t write. My mom read it once… it was bad. But I think “Oh my kids can read it” at times… other times I think “Oh I need to burn these so noone knows how crazy I am.”

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