Approval Rating

A few weeks ago, Miss Musing asked the question, “Would my teenage self approve of who I am today?”. I wrote this question on a post it and knew I would have to think about it a lot before I could write about it. 

Recently, a friend of mine made the statement “I’m just not where I thought I would be at 20 Something.” Looking back, I’m not where I thought that I would be…but I’m not disappointed with my progress either.

Teenage SJ would approve of my career. She would be so proud of the fact that I was able to break into a field dominated by older men. That although some people may think that I am just a creepy salesman, at the end of the day, the products that I sell better health care in the communities that they’re placed in.  She would also approve that my career choice makes my mom extremely proud.

She would NOT approve that I didn’t try hard enough to get a job in television news. That’s what I went to school for. I loved it when I was there, but for some reason I chose not to send my tape out. At all. Maybe I was afraid of failure. I don’t regret this decision. This may be my blog secret revealed.

She would approve of my independence. I know she would be proud that I am a career driven, home owner, who is somewhat financially stable and living on her own without the help of her parents.

She would NOT approve of my loneliness…but she wouldn’t be surprised.  I remember looking at my friend Matt (who was a few years older) and saying “If I’m not married by the time I’m 23, lets get married.” Hahahah. He’s now in his early 30s and engaged. I’m still nowhere close. When I was in high school, I didn’t have many serious boyfriends. Crushes and dates, yes. Substantial boyfriends, rarely…and when I had them it wasn’t for too long. I guess high school SJ used to fill her time with friends, work and hobbies. I guess I haven’t changed too much.

She would approve of my style/ wardrobe choices. I’ve always loved clothing and fashion, but was a bit conservative with really trendy things. I think that my style has stayed pretty true since high school. She would love a few choice items in my closets…my CL shoes, a few of my cocktail dresses.

She would NOT approve of my CCard statements. Enough said.

She would approve of my ability to be a good friend. This is something that I have not always been the best at. And I have not always had the best of friends. The one’s that have been good to me are tried and true. We still talk to this day.

She would be upset that I haven’t kept in touch better with some of my family members. In my defense, I have a very large family. Like super big. I just wish that I was able to see some of them more often.

She would approve of my character. I’m not perfect. No one is. But I try to make the best decisions that I can.  I’m usually pretty good at learning from my mistakes and looking to the future. I guess above shoes, jobs or relationships this is the most important thing that I would want her approval on.

I hope that the 20 Something SJ will someday approve of the woman I’m working on becoming.

What would your teenage self think of the person you’ve become?

Would you get a good approval rating?


8 responses to “Approval Rating

  1. I love this idea! I think I’m going to have to post this!

    I really loved all of your answers and I’m going to have to think about mine!

  2. Mine would approve of my independence. She would approve of my character and my drive. She would approve of my relationship with my older sister.

    She might be dissapointed by my singleness–but she would likely get over it. And she would probably be upset that I have yet to confront a lot of things from my past, but again, she would forgive :).

    Great post Sara.

  3. aw, this was cool!
    i need to think about this too before i can answer…

  4. Love this post so much and I will probably be posting about it too. Look out for it.

  5. I might steal this idea for my Blog one day… cause I am sure that my teenage self would give my adult self a punch right in the nuts if they we standing here!

  6. SJ, I love this!!!

  7. This is a brilliant idea for a post.

  8. I’m glad so many people like the idea for this post 🙂

    Sarah, I really like your responses and I think you have a lot to be proud of!

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