Be Careful What You Wish For

Remember when I said this about texting? I take it all back. Well maybe not all of it. But a sliver of it.

Typical scenario for a 20something boy: Boy meets girl. Girl gives number to boy. The next weekend, boy sends text to girl: WHAT ARE YOU DOING 2NITE? WANNA MEET UP?

I HATE this. This is not an exaggeration on my distastes. I think it’s the stupidest thing ever. If you really want to get to know me, pick up the phone at a normal hour and make plans.

End Rant.

New Boy, doesn’t text. I thought this was great at first…until I learned that he can’t send or recieve them due to a lost phone and waiting on a replacement. I don’t miss the late night booty text part of it. I miss the mid day, “Thinking of you” ones. I miss getting them, and I miss sending them.

There are so many things that you don’t always want to say over the phone. You don’t have the guts to say.

If I could text him right now…I’d let him know how much fun I had last night. That’s all the details you get for now…

Who and what would you text if you had the guts?


7 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. uhh…
    that’s a cliffhanger that im somewhat ON THE SEAT OF MY PANTS FOR.
    deets, stat.

  2. That’s why I love texting, for those little thoughts that don’t really require a response at all, or at least not right now.

    I’m married, so I don’t get to text anyone new. That means I need to hear about your night and live vicariously through you. Please help the old married lady out.

  3. Woah, woah, woah. You can’t just dangle that out there like that–we must hear about last night. It’s not fair Sara! 🙂 Glad you are still enjoying his company. Email me the details if you aren’t going to post them. Something!!!!! xxxxo Hope you have a date this weekend!

  4. I will ignore the fact that you have left us with no information (and hope that the posts above have all the details) and answer your question. If I had the guts I would text something like this, to you know who.

    “Erm dude? You suck but I still want you. The end.”


  5. I would text my NYC boy and tell him exactly how I feel. BUT, there is NO way I would ever, ever do that because I have no clue if he feels the sameway….

  6. hahaha what a good question and awesome post!

    my text would look something like hope’s above….but there is no way i’m going there….at least not yet…


    Details?! Please?!

    I agree, texting does have a time and a place. I think it’s acceptable only when it doesn’t get in the way of real communication.

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