Cool as a Cucumber

That’s how I want to play things in life most of the time. Sadly with this boy, I’ve been more like a hot tamale. Wait…not in the bedroom, but as far as making time for him.

See, when we first met he was in lust at first sight. This is NOT an affect I have on men very often, so it was easy to play things cool. He asked me when he could take me to dinner this week to which I replied (as any cucumber would), “I’m a pretty busy girl…maybe Thursday?”.

Normal boys would be ok with that response and call me later in the week to make plans. His response was much different, “I can’t wait that long. How about tomorrow?”


That’s all I could think. Since when did men decide to be so direct? This is not the normal texting from boys that I was used to. I couldn’t resist.

I had such an amazing time at dinner, I couldn’t play it cool when he asked for lunch plans…or when he asked to watch basketball with some of his friends on Tuesday night…

When Thursday rolled around, he remembered that I had told him originally that’s when we could go out. After our big sexy fancy first date, I told him that this week I wouldn’t go anywhere unless I could wear sweatpants and tennis shoes. We ended up staying in, eating frozen pizza, drinking wine and chatting.

The best part of it all is that I had just as much fun staying in as we did going out. But I’m having such a hard time playing it cool. I told him we couldn’t hang until Thursday and we had 3 other dates prior to Thursday! What is wrong with me???


But here is the catch. He’s out of town this weekend. And then I leave on Tuesday for a week to go home and see the family. There will be loads of non-date nights. (Reason #123 I need him to be able to text). This should give me a bit of time to remember how to play things cool. Right?


8 responses to “Cool as a Cucumber

  1. Ahhh! Staying in in sweats with a boy you like–what’s better than that? He sounds like such a sweet guy. Will you be able to see him on Monday before you go? This whole no-texting thing would be very difficult, indeed…


  2. Oh SJ the predicaments that you get yourself in…. nothing better than a night in with a new guy – you know it is all real then. PS: Some of my co-workers are following your new love, waiting for the newest installment. Don’t worry, we don’t discus it in the teachers room.

  3. Everything sounds awesome! I am so so excited for you. Hot tamale is WAAAAY better than cold cucumbers. Especially when it is going both ways. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  4. I agree with Lauren, hot tamale is way better than cool cucumber. Not being able to play it cool is a gooood sign!

  5. I’m excited for you. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of some free time before the holidays … and then missing each other massively while you’re apart. That’s the fun part of dating!

  6. How frustrating! His going away, your going away, not being able to text! I would be antsy. But, since you’re feeling a little uncomfortable with the speed that things have been taking (I looooooved that he was so direct and wanted to see you immediately) then the whole week apart , as you said, could be exactly what you need.

  7. I’m so excited for you!!!! I’m also, I have to admit, jealous!

  8. you know how happy i am for the big sexy fun you’ve been having with this newguy as of late (we need a nickname for him?).
    i would wish he could text too… but, what can you do?
    maybe you can see him tonight? otherwise, the whole missing thing will make for the absence makes the heart grow fonder bit, and next week will be SUPER big sexy with the dates!

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