November by the Numbers

I can’t believe I’ve completed NoBloPoMo! I never thought this day would come. Thank the Lord it did.

I guess the only thing that this NBPM proves is that if you throw enough shit up on a wall, some of it’s bound to stick. I’m sorry that I fed y’all some seriously bad material. It’s so hard to be creative and give that kind of time up on a daily basis. I admire all of you who did. Just so you know, just because I didn’t get around to commenting daily, doesn’t mean that I didn’t read!

My life has been so crazy this month. I guess the best way to describe it, is to count it down in numbers, one of my all time favorite posts.

30- Posts and days to do it in. 

1- New site address! Thanks so much for all of you who have followed me! It means so much! x

176- Comments. You are the best readers ever! It’s so nice to know that there are people out there.

5- The number of posts started but never made it out of draft form this month.

3- The number of post ideas stolen borrowed from other bloggers. Thanks Brandy, Brookem and Jacqueline.

4- The date that America elected Barack Obama President.

12- Highest number of miles ran so far. 

6- The number of days left until my half marathon!

3154- The amount of miles driven for work this month. Ugh.

5- The number of dates I’ve had with the new boy.

7- The number of dogs at my parents house for Thanksgiving! Ugh. I love dogs and all, but it was a bit much.

26- The number of days until Christmas!

What are your numbers for November?


15 responses to “November by the Numbers

  1. Love the numbers thing! Might just have to “borrow” it for my blog this month… I said that I would NaBloPoMo… what was I thinking? This might make a cool end of the month post.

  2. 6 days til the half?? You go girl!!! when do u leave the OH and head back to NC? Soon? Just like SJ, I might steal this one!!! Xxxo

  3. Congrats on finishing!!!

    Number of dates I’ve been on in November: 0

    Oh wait, I haven’t been on a date in over a year. Gosh, that sounds kind of sad!

  4. I love the number post!
    I’ll probably steal, er, borrow
    this from youuu!

    And 5 is a good number
    for the dates with the new boy.

  5. 1 new husband
    700 professional wedding photos
    2000 dollars in upgrades to our wedding photo package (but, sssshhhhhh … my parents would kill me if they ever found out!)

  6. 2- new pairs of shoes
    8- number of bags of pirates booty new manfriend brought me
    450- assessed damage from the hit and run on my car, boo

  7. 7 dogs on Thanksgiving? I thought just 2 dogs was a lot of work. Yay for NaBloPoMo being over.. now we wait to see if any of us won!

  8. Oh, I like these sorts of posts…..

    5 Thanksgiving style meals last month

    6 desserts tried on Thanksgiving Day/6 miles run

    1 date with my (former) crush

    4 months of knowing me before said crush asked me out

    3 hours kissing once he finally kissed me

    9 foot Christmas tree

    7 pounds I’d like to lose

    $1000+ my credit card bill…..

  9. Number of Christmas presents bought: 6

    Number of blog posts: 30

    Number of nights working at part-time job: 10+

    Number of credit card payments made: 2

    Number of pages it took to fall in love with a teenage vampire: About 100

    Number of miles run: 13

  10. Good luck on the half! I really want to do one. Send motivation my way if you have some extra!

    And I didn’t know you were an OH girl until recently. Or are you a KY girl?

  11. Ready for the marathon??? Good luck SJ!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments!

  12. yay! congrats!

    7 dogs?! wow, that is a lot!

  13. 1- Concussion
    2- Times I cried during the Obama acceptance speech
    3-days to spend time realizing I don’t love the person I used to
    4-sleepless nights (due to concussion and Obama mania)
    5- boxes of mandarin oranges consumed.

    Seriously. My skin is going to turn orange soon if I keep it up.

    Also? Your half marathon is so soon! I’m pumped for you. You are going to do great!

  14. 3 ~ times my car broke
    5~ number of Saturdays I worked
    4~ average hours of sleep I get
    4~ number of espresso shots each morning
    1/2 pack ~ amount I smoked each day (that is a good number BTW, eventually it will be zero)

  15. I did a numbers post for NaBloPoMo also! Only it was about the hell that pops up on my Blackberry Outlook 😦

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