Q&A Part 4: Life in Queen City

Nilsa asked me: Given you’re not from NC, what are your favorite things about the city of queens and what do you dislike about it?

After spending 8 years in KY, I was ready for a change. I had told my company to put me anywhere in the US, and I ended up covering the Carolinas. Charlotte is pretty central for my territory and I had a few friends from college that lived here, so it seemed like a good fit.

My friend Amy‘s work recently did an ad campaign that I think did a great job summing up what I love about living in Charlotte. You can find some of the ad campaign here and visitor information here.


Things I LOVE about Queen City:

Fun. Between professional sporting teams (NFL, NBA, ECHL), shows, events, downtown nightlife you never have to do the same things twice. You can go white water rafting at the National Training center, catch a NASCAR race, or just go watch the symphony in the park. There’s so much diversity. On the weekends, I may spend one night in jeans and flip flops watching friends play ping pong outside at our neighborhood bar, and the next night in stilettos, sipping martini’s while on the balcony of a big sexy bar that overlooks the city.

Age Demographics.  There are tons of young adults in Charlotte. Both Bank of America and Wachovia have offices here, plus there are a few other retailers based out of QC.  (Hence, the stripes.) It’s a young, but without the college town feel. As I write this, I’m asking myself how I’m still single…

Food. I may be a picky eater, but I love to eat. There are so many local restaurants that have killer food, whether you’re looking for a greasy burger or a 5 star meal, you can find a local Charlotte restaurant that will kick the chains booty any day!

Friends. I am so lucky that I have managed to make some amazing friends here. I miss the ones from college and home, but I feel so blessed to have met some killer people.

Beach. There’s a lake in Charlotte, but you’re only a few hours from Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Wilmington. It makes for an easy weekend getaway. If you aren’t much for the beach, you’re also only a few hours away from the mountains.

Thing I don’t like about Queen City

Distance. I miss my friends and family I left. I’m 8 hours away from my parents, and 6 hours away from my college friends.

Men. Some of nights you go out and there are copious amounts of men. Other nights, all you find are the stripes. Ah…this is why I’m still single.

Size. I love that Charlotte is big, but not huge. Some days I think that it tries too hard to be a big city, but it’s not quite there yet. Example: They have a light rail, but it doesn’t extend out far enough or go enough places to be worth while.

That’s about all I can think of. for now on the Queen City! I’m loving life here. Any one want to come visit???


13 responses to “Q&A Part 4: Life in Queen City

  1. um, yes! id be on the next plane there if i could!

  2. I always said that if I had to live somewhere in the U.S., I’d pick NC.

    Access to awesome pro and college sports was a big part of it. (And this may also have a little bit to do with the fact that Emily Procter — and her accent! — is originally from Raleigh.)

  3. I wish I could go and visit, it sounds like so much fun!

  4. I love your response to my very loaded question. You see, I personally can’t stand Charlotte. But, I’m also a self-professed snob, so you can’t hate me either. ha. I think Charlotte is one big suburb trying its hardest to be a big city. You clearly don’t. But … you and I come from such different starting points. Me, St. Louis, Boston, Chicago. You, Kentucky. It IS a big city for you. It’s most definitely not for me. Having said that, some of my dearest friends on the planet live there. Don’t be surprised if we stop in for a visit sometime in 2009-2010!

  5. *Wants to come visit*

    The reasons you listed for loving Charlotte are many of the reasons I’ve thought about heading down South for a few years.

    P.S. Wanna join my holiday card swap? Email your address if so and I’ll send mine your way. Then we can both await awesome holiday cards via the lovely U.S. Postal Service.

    One reason to actually look forward to picking up your mail!

  6. I might just have to add your city to my list of possible places to move…although the men thing is a bit disheartening!

  7. Um…I think Charlotte and I could get along. Plus it is probably not 7 degrees there right now…. Xxxo

  8. I’m always willing to visit new places, so yes.

  9. Yes please. 🙂 Thinking of you tomorrow!!

  10. I’ve never been to NC but after reading this I feel like I’m really missing out! I’ll come visit!

  11. You know how sometimes, when you’re being super lame, you get absurdly jealous of ex-girlfriends?

    And then it makes you hate the name Megan, Jackie and Michelle. And you decide that you will never name your kids any of those names.

    And then you decide that you hate Charlotte, because one of the ex’s resides there.

    Yeah. That’s where I am. And you mentioned BofA. Where I will never bank.

    Call me crazy. (Seriously.)

  12. Funny, nearly everything you like/dislike about Charlotte is what I like/dislike about Raleigh…except we have college sports rather than pro (other than the Canes).

    I can also apply Nilsas assertation of “a suburb trying its hardest to be a big city” to Raleigh. Raleigh *thinks* its a city…but it has a long way to go.

  13. Funny the only thing I focused on in this post is your dislike of the men. Ehem (cough cough)!! 1) you aren’t single anymore and 2) I distinctly remeber your response to my text asking you how your first date was going. It said “I’m going to marry this man.” I don’t think that’s anything to complain about or “dislike.” Afterall, you did find him in the Queen City. Yay!

    Jules: I am still single. He is just my man friend…NOT my BF. And wine makes me talk crazy talk. We all know this! 🙂

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