TMI Thursday: What Not to Wear… Down There

For the past month or so, my dear friend Brookem has been letting us in on her dirty little secrets through installments called  TMI Thursday (an idea she found here). I figured since I’ve been a bit spotty on my postings and a little  a lot of a Debbie Downer lately, it’s high time that I take a moment to laugh at myself. Beware, this is not a pretty post. No rainbows or sunshine, but I bet you’ll get a good laugh at my expense.


It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I was open enough to talk freely about anything sexual with my friends.  So it only makes sense that no one had told me that a lot of women were grooming themselves to look like a pre-teen again.  And no, I’m not talking about french braids and pig tails…

When I started seeing my college sweetheart, I decided that I needed to go The Full Monty (because if all the other girls shopped at the Limited Too, so should I).   A girl friend of mine told me that she used this special gel that helped with the razor burn and irritation. I tried it and it worked like a dream.

One night I had plans to meet up with my man after dance team practice. He only lived 3 floors above me, so it was quite convenient. I ran home, jumped in the shower and shaved away, not forgetting to apply my wonder gel.  We started making out and things started to go to the next level.

Just as I started to enjoy myself, I looked at the poor boy and his face was green. He quickly shot out of bed and ran to the restroom.

I was puzzled. My mind was racing: could it be food poisoning? the stomach flu? I hope he doesn’t get me sick…I have 2 games and a test next week!

 When he came back, a bit pale in the face, I asked him if he was going to be ok? After chugging a glass of water, he calmly asked, “What is all over you?”.

Then I realized, my special gel

Take my advice, this is a great product to get rid of unwanted razor burn… or unwanted boy toys!


14 responses to “TMI Thursday: What Not to Wear… Down There

  1. Ha. I used to use that same gel.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Does it make me a sports addict if I read that and the first thing I thought was, “Games? I wonder what sport she played.”

  3. I’m speechless. And laughing.

  4. oh no! haha!
    (i used it too. it’s very late 90’s, huh?)

  5. Ha! That is classic. Poor boy. He was probably so scared!

  6. HA. It does work though…? I might just make B put up with it…

  7. Haaa. Oh geez. The stuff gals
    go through to make guys
    happy…and that is the kind
    of thing that happens!
    Pish posh.

  8. This is too funny. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it!

  9. Nice one? We didn’t really like him anyway. I’m just curious though, weren’t you in the shower when you used it? Why didn’t it wash off?


    Poor boy!

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