Daddy, I want a goose that lays golden eggs!

Just before Christmas, a good friend of mine called me with fantastic news: She had struck gold. Once upon a time, when she was born, someone purchased a bond in her name. As she matured, so did the bond. Now that it’s reached it’s full potential, she is getting $10,000! Just like that.

I was so excited for her when she called to tell me, but a part of me wished that I had a goose that laid golden eggs too!

This week another friend called me to tell me that perhaps my goose dreams had come true. Uncle Sam was going to give a tax free loan of $7500 to all first home buyers who purchased a new home after April! The catch was that you pay the loan back over the next 15 years in equal payments.

 Of course my first thought was that I could have a pair or two of shoes like Tiffany

Or go on a fab vacation

Then reality hit that I could ultimately pay off my credit cards and save a bit for the dismal sales year that is wrecking my world. (And perhaps one new pair of shoes.)

As soon as I got home, I googled the info just to check it all out and make sure the rumors were true.

Low and behold, there is a Federal Housing Tax Credit if you purchased a home AFTER  April 9, 2008.  I closed on April 3rd.

Seriously…8940 minutes…144 hour…6 short days…not even one full week, is going to stand between me and the elimination of my credit card debt (and a new pair of CLs)?

WARNING to Uncle Sam: Stand back. I may need to punch someone in the face!

I guess you could say I’m still looking for my goose (and fabulous shoes that are on sale*).

*A special thanks to K. Dukes who let me in on the net-a-porter promo!


18 responses to “Daddy, I want a goose that lays golden eggs!

  1. I want one, too. I’m sorry you closed 6 days too early. That’s bullshit. I wonder if there is a grace period?

    On the bright side, it’s Friday!!!!! xo

  2. oh my gosh you gotta be freakin’ kidding me. that is just not fair.

  3. ugh! that’s frustrating! only a couple days!

  4. Ouch. Definitely frustrating.

  5. I think your golden goose egg comes in the form of a lottery ticket. It must!

  6. Crazyyy…I am watching
    the View right now…and
    I start to read your post…
    and no sooner-the guest,
    James Earl Jones, says
    something about how we
    all just want our goose to
    lay golden eggs.

    Now as for your golden
    egg….ugh. How in the
    world can that even be
    fair? So close…psh. I’m
    rooting for you SJ!

  7. Ugh. I’m frustrated for you. Have you looked more closely at the details? Is there a loophole?

    This reminds me of the time my car warranty expired 46 miles before my several thousand dollar repair.

    Since this is totally unfair for you, something else good ought to come your way soon. Maybe you’ll win the lottery 🙂 You never know…

  8. Yup, that would really irritate me too!!!

  9. Oh my goodness! That cannot happen. I’m with MissMusing. There must be a loophole!

    Good thing you’re hot without the CLs! I’ll go to Payless with you. I’m poor too! 😦

  10. ay! that is so unfair! ugh. but here’s to wishing for a goose to lay some Golden Louboutins for you! 🙂

  11. ARGGGH. That is the kind of thing that would make me have a bottle of wine for dinner. I’m so sorry!

  12. Um, so I really want to go on a vacation right now too. Why isn’t it free to go to Hawaii?

  13. oh nooooooo!! that’s horrible about the cutoff date. i overheard that there’s supposed to be a stimulus package passed so that you dont even have to pay back the $7,500. I will owe you a drink, or 50.

  14. I’ll collect loose change for you?

  15. Wow, that really does suck. What a random day!! (haha, April 9th is my birthday!) Youd think it would be April 1st…heres to hoping that there will be some loophole of some sort.

    Thanks for the kind comment, Im still struggling but managed to get a few posts in this week in between more computer issues (networks and such at work) and car repairs!

    Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

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  17. There’s an award for you in my blog 🙂

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