There’s no place like home…

I’ve always wanted to be like Dorthy, wear pretty red shoe, click my heels together and be where I want to. So last week when Tiffany shared her lust for new red and pink shoes, I was heart broken because I can not get any fancy Brian Atwood Tonyas.
When I was walking through Dillard’s this weekend, I saw these gems…
Dolce Vita Madison

Dolce Vita Madison

They may not have a designer tag, but the built in platform is adorable and the price is nice too! Since my goose is sucking these days.
They may have to  will be mine…

16 responses to “There’s no place like home…

  1. those are to die for.

  2. Nothing beats a sexy
    pair of red high heels!
    I dig them.

    PS…I wouldn’t mind
    being Dorothy, either.
    Sweet deal.

  3. Those are FIERCE. I love my red… and my hot pink… and my orange snakeskin…

  4. oh oh! nice find! I may have to copy you and get those too.

  5. Oh, those are very very cute!

  6. I must be missing a fashion gene or something…b/c those shoes make me think of strippers! But I do like the idea of red heels and being able to click them and be somewhere safe and warm and that feels like home (especially when it’s super cold outside and I’ve had a long day).

  7. They’re really cute!

  8. Love them. You need to own them. xxxo

  9. Good for you! I’m not so sure I could walk in such high heels without tripping!

  10. They’re beautiful.

    God bless you if you’re able to walk in them.

  11. Those shoes are tres chic! Love! One of my favorite pairs of shoes are red with buckles over the toe. Love them, too, mostly because wearing red shoes shoes attitude (the good kind, of course!).

  12. red is the best accent color in my book. you are going to rock it lady!

  13. ooh these are so cute. love the red too, as tyra would say ‘they’re fierce’.

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  15. Love those shoes… wish the my economy would allow me to buy those!

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