LOVE: Sexy heels and birthdays!

Last week I introduced you to my new LOVE for red shoes, and then told you about ordering them. What I left out was that thanks to Zappos and their super fast service, my shoes came on Friday! YEA! Just in time for my man friend’s birthday! (Yes, I’m still seeing this boy, and it’s looking up.) I also LOVE birthdays!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zappos! They have such a large selection, fast and free shipping and free returns for 365 days!

I struggled to find the perfect top for my new sassy kicks, so I settled for something simple.  

MF's Bday outfit


I had all intentions of making my man friend take a full body shot so I could share it with you, but by the time we had dinner and after dinner cocktails, taking a shot for my blog was the last thing on my mind. So, because you’ve been so patient I will share with you a little shot of us on Saturday.


Any new wardrobe items that you’re loving? Please share!


15 responses to “LOVE: Sexy heels and birthdays!

  1. wooooo! manfriend revealed on the blog! you two are adorable! and look at him and his HOH!

  2. That is such an adorable photo! And I LOVE your outfit! I am so stealing that whole white vest with blazer look.

  3. That’s the cutest picture I’ve seen in a long time! Amazing outfit, too 🙂

  4. SJ,

    You couldn’t be any more gorgeous and you and Man Friend look adorable together (you both have some seriously sexy hair going on there).

    I’m going to have to keep Zappos in mind next time I need (WANT) shoes.

    JS (I just realized my initials are the reverse of yours)

  5. Cute, cute photo!

    I wish I had a knack like you do for putting together outfits. I’m impressed.

  6. Um while you are on Zappos can you continue your hunt for me please? Thanks

  7. YAY! Manfriend! I love it.
    You two are awesome together.
    I can just tell.

  8. Ahhhhh that picture is so cute it hurts! Luvit luvit luvit.

  9. awwwwwww you two look so happy and gorjas!

  10. You two are ADORABLE!

    My new favorite purchase – my new wedge boots.

  11. cute, cute, cute!

    the outfit too 😉

  12. oh love those red heels, heck i love the whole outfit.

  13. adore you! love the outfit. wish we got to see a snap of the shoes in action!

    I tried to order those shoes but they do not have my size anywhere. ugh to having small feet!

  14. My first thought was…he has nice hair! =) You two are so cute together! Does he have an older brother? HAHA

  15. HE looks adorable!!! And you look happy! Yay!

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