TMI Thursday: The one where I loose to Tostitos

I LOVE TMI Thursday. Lilu is so funny and I love that she started this Thursday trend.

I LOVE snacking and making out…just not at the same time. 

One night after going out with a man (we’ll keep him nameless), I wanted some big sexy time. I thought that I would be cute and start stripping down while I was getting ready for bed. While brushing my teeth nearly naked, I felt his hands come around my waist and sneak up to my lady bits.

As I turn to start our big sexy session I hear a crunch.  Much to my surprise I see the man with Tostitos in one hand and my boob in the other. Seriously.

I was mildly appalled and feeling less than sexy. I gave the man an ultimatum: Me or Tostitos.

Then the sound came back. CRUNCH.

Did a man just choose corn chips over me? Seriously? I may loose to a lot of things, by Tostitos is not one of them. I promptly put on my pj’s, got in bed and made a pillow fort around me.

He may have chosen chips over me that night, but making up the next morning was worth loosing the night before!


14 responses to “TMI Thursday: The one where I loose to Tostitos

  1. … the man with Tostitos in one hand and my boob in the other


  2. In times like this, I just remember the Seinfeld episode where George conspired to combine sports, sex, and pastrami on rye in bed…

    It can’t be helped. It’s in their genes.

  3. And thanks for the love, darlin!

  4. that episode of Seinfeld was hilarious. but i would never choose pastrami or a Tostito over a lady.

    … maybe some cheesecake, though

  5. “Then the sound came back. CRUNCH.”

    I wouldn’t have just put my jammies on, I’d have sent the guy home. LOL

    I just came across your blog and am really enjoying it. 🙂

  6. Gigggle. I like the pillow
    fort. And the morning make-up
    was probably the perfect
    way to rise and shine!

  7. “Lady bits!?!?” Kinda creepy… yet very funny.

  8. Haha, too cute SJ! I’ve never heard them called lady bits before either. Haha. Interesting!

  9. OMG, You look great together!!!

    Lovely pic 🙂

  10. Tostito’s are NOT that good…

  11. The pillow fort is key. I hope you also stole ALL the covers.

  12. I dont know whats more awesome.. that story or the fact that you have a ‘Shame on you’ category!!!

  13. HAHAHAHAHA…. that is pretty funny….
    I must admit I was guilty of that once too… I was given a similar choice… and I took the popcorn! looking back it was a horrible decision.

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