Match Maker Monday

Match Maker, Match Maker make me a match…Welcome to Match Maker Monday!


Meet Jules! She’s one of my favorite people in the world. She’s fabulous: cute, fun, outspoken, flirty, funny, stylish, honest, trustworthy and loyal. All of the things that make up a great friend and a great lover. If only she was a man!

Jules has found love before, been married, divorced and has done her fair share of dating. She has (in her own words), “tapped out” and is over meeting men in bars.  (Aren’t we all Jules?)

Last week, Jules decided to take on a new adventure “It’s Just Lunch“, a match making service that sets you up on casual first dates with someone who they feel is compatible with you. No pictures, no emails, no awkward phone calls,  just a casual lunch or happy hour that’s been arranged for you!

Much like me, Jules LOVES to LOVE.  Which is why her quest for love is going to make a fabulous addition to this blog. He first date is this week, so stay tuned for next weeks addition.

Please let us know whet details you want to know about her dates. Also, feel free to leave any questions for Jules…she’s happy to answer any of your questions.


8 responses to “Match Maker Monday

  1. aww, good luck jules!
    (i like her dress.)

  2. Jules, you are adorable.
    Go get em’.
    Good luck…I hope LOVE
    is totally in the air for you.

  3. Second brookem- LOVE the dress- and the smile!!! Good luck!

  4. Good Luck Jules! I am sure it will be awesome! Can’t wait to hear details!

  5. Good luck Jules!! i’ll be tuning in for updates 🙂

  6. Hi Jules,

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Your dress is beautiful, by the way!


  7. Thanks for all the support! I just got home from Match Maker Monday date #1 and boy do I have gossip for you!!!! Tune in next Monday and maybe I’ll have more than one date to fill you in on. Cheers!

  8. Oh gosh, Jules and I have a lot in common! I definitely am not a fan of the online dating sites and not a fan of meeting men out at bars.

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