MMM v.1: Coach…by Jules

I tend to live my life going full throttle.  I like to have a lot of fun and live in the moment. Sometimes I get a bit carried away so I have to pull back the reins when telling stories.  So here it is, the PG-13 PG-13ish version of weeks 1 and 2 of Match Maker Monday.

Meet “Coach”



  • Height: 5’11”
  • Hair: Light Brown, thick, kinda wavy
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: 29
  • Body: Athletic, toned, and bangin’
  • Profession: College Hockey Coach
  • Personality: Whitty, slightly arrogant, outgoing, brutally honest

The Date(s)

When IJL sets you up on a date, you don’t get to see a picture before you meet them.  So here I sit, at the bar in Bahama Breeze thinking, praying, “Please God, please don’t let him be hiddeous.”  I can pull a good personality out of anyone but I can’t change the way they look.   It’s a good thing that I am a regular church-goer because the Big Man answered my prayers that night.  The picture does him no justice because he is hot hot hot! “Thank God!” I thought.

After about 1 hour and two drinks, the awkward small talk turned into an actual real, interesting conversation.  Since I hadn’t eaten all day because of my anxiety, drink 3 was a little rough.  IJL only sets you up for after-work drinks, so when he asked if I wanted to have dinner, that meant he actually enjoyed my company and wanted to get to know me better.  Again, the Big Man was with me that night because I couldn’t have had another drink without eating.

After dinner we talked more, laughed a lot, had more drinks, and, as it appeared, started to have a connection.  So when he asked me if I wanted to go to another bar I wasn’t surprised but was very pleased.  So if you are keeping track- at this point I’ve had 4, maybe 5, drinks (HEY! don’t judge me, I was really nervous and had never been on a blind date before.) 

And if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t talked much about his personality, lifestyle, goals, or passions.  It’s because I can’t get past this overwhelming attraction I have to him.  And this “connection” I speak of…. well it’s more of a physical connection than a romantic one.   Let’s move on:

So on to bar#2.  Considering my job requires me to drive for a living, getting a DUI isn’t an option so I slow my drinking pace substantially. But Coach, being the bigger, ripped, athletic, extremely sexy man he is, doesn’t slow down.  I can only guess that he is feeling the same type of connection with me since he started to get fresh. 

To give you a visual, I am wearing something similar to this:

Date 1
Date 1 – by Julie McArthur on

We were definitely the two people at the bar that everyone wished would just leave, get a room, and get it over with.  It was clear that he wanted that too by the way he was petting me.  Anyhow, knowing that would be completely inappropriate first date behavior when I am on the hunt for LOVE, we only made it to my car.  We proceeded to make out like high schoolers, and giggle like kids. 

After this went on for about an hour, we wised up and realized that we were adults and both had to be up for work in about 4 hours.  We exchanged numbers, kissed goodnight and went our separate ways.

Before I got home, he sent me a text.  “Yay! Maybe he does like me. But wait… do I really like him?” I wondered.  But why not give it a shot right? We exchanged text messages Tuesday and Wednesday as well. I had hoped to get together again that week to figure out what type of connection I had with him, but he had to leave Thursday for the entire weekend to work.

Surprisingly, Thursday evening I got another text saying that his team had to delay their departure because of a fire at the ice rink and he wanted to see me.  It was too late for dinner and I still had work to do, so I just invited him over for a movie. 

He came over and we laughed, talked, joked, he loved on my dog (which I thought was GREAT) and we cuddled on my couch.  Well, we all know where that leads…. “There isn’t very much room on the couch, maybe we should go up to your room.” I agreed and away we went.  We had our first sleep over, and a really fun time together as well.

Still after all this, I’m not sold.  We spent the night teasing each other, laughing at each others stupid jokes, spooning, and chatting (among other things) but I just don’t know if I could ever see myself with him long term.  We text each other on Monday but he was short with me (as I would have expected.)  I let it go thinking I wouldn’t hear from him again.  But he threw me for a loop on Saturday night.  He text me a midnight!  I thought he wanted to come over, but he just wanted to say hello.  HUH? 

Maybe I will see him again, maybe not.  That remains to be seen.  As for IJL– well, my next step is to go in to their office for another interview and to take pictures (so they know what I really look like).  I am not-so-patiently waiting for them to call me back and schedule an appointment.  I can’t wait for my next date!  But in the mean time, I’ll keep you updated on Coach! 

Until next Match Maker Monday…


12 responses to “MMM v.1: Coach…by Jules

  1. Sometimes it’s dates like these that give you the confidence to rock out the dates with the people where true love is in the air. Nothing wrong with a little ego boost. =)

  2. Enjoyed reading this. Can’t believe you posted his photo on here! I’m impressed by your restraint on the first date–given that you’d had so many drinks and half on an empty stomach.

  3. this is great. as a girl who has done the online thing, i can relate to this. here’s hoping the next date is just as entertaining!

  4. First dates can be SO BAD- I’m glad yours was awesome! I hope it continues as such…

  5. Lovely polyvore 🙂

  6. Pretty darn obsessed.
    A college ice hockey coach?
    How hot.

    Can’t wait to hear more on the
    dating life…

  7. I LOVE Monday match maker!! keep it up!!

  8. Glad the first match went well! And btw i LOVED your date outfit. fierce!

  9. ha, loved reading that post. also agree with Julie Q, your date outfit was hot 🙂

  10. Ahhh FUN! This is exciting! Even if it’s not long term–at least you’re having fun with it. If you realize it’s not going to go anywhere, ditch him and wait for the next one! 🙂

  11. HAHA, I loved reading this! I’ve never heard of IJL before, what an interesting idea! Good for you for trying…I’m not so sure I have the guts to do that…

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