TMI Thursday: Poop Patrol

I LOVE my dog a lot, but there are few things in life that I hate more than dog poop. It’s so gross and the smell is awful. Ugh. Soph’s poo is about the size of a tootsie roll, and I love her to pieces so it’s not so bad, but it still isn’t like picking roses or anything.

My neighborhood is a dog loving community, almost everyone owns a dog, but they refuse to put up doggie poop stations with bags. The homeowners association always gives some BS reason why they don’t want to do it, but they have no problem sending out hate mail telling us to pick up our poop, or pay the price. There are these super cute pick up bags that attach to any dog leash that make it so convenient to pick up after your little friend. (Buy them here or any pet store.) 

I’m so excited to say that a lot of my neighbors have caught on to this fad, but I’m sad to say that they are missing the final step in the poop pick up process…see picture below.


8 bags. Eeew.

VOMIT! It appears that while they are great at picking up the dog droppings, they aren’t so good at walking it the 20 extra steps to the dumpster. Some neighbors even let the bags compile for days, weeks even, without picking up their poop bags. It makes me want to ill. Seriously. And the worst part…it isn’t just one neighbor, it’s a lot of them! YIKES!

One of my friends lives next to the poop collector show above and gets so sick of it, she throws it out for her once a week. Who does that?

Apparently my complex isn’t the only one suffering from this poop porch epidemic, my friend Dre had this exact same issue where she used to live!

Hey…it could be worse. At least I’m not talking about my poop!


6 responses to “TMI Thursday: Poop Patrol

  1. Um people at Merrick are AWFUL! It’s disgusting! I feel your pain Jane. 🙂

  2. The phrase “poop porch epidemic” alone makes this a TMI Thursday. Well done, my love.

  3. I once had a roommate with two cats. And she would bag the poop, and leave it outside on the front step all day. In the summer.

  4. Um. SJ…I do not LOVE this. Not one
    single bit. I’d definitely want to vom.
    Ewww. I’m not all about collecting
    dog poo. Like I dread that. I pray that
    when I take Miss Cuddles for a walk that she’ll
    hold it in until we return home.

    I hope it gets better! Gross.


  5. A couple years ago in my hometown a guy got a citation for not picking up his dog poop. The judge made him walk along an entire (huge) trail system picking up all the dog poop there. Ick! People need to learn that dog poop is gross and needs to be picked up AND thrown away asap!

  6. The fecal epidemic is of galactic proportions!

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