It’s Okay…

Every day when the mail comes I rush to the box to get see if it’s a good mail day or not. Bad mail days consist of bills and credit card offers, good days are when I can see the top of a magazine peeking out the top. A few of my favorites are US (don’t’ judge), Self and Glamour.

Each month in Glamour they have a list of things that “It’s Okay” to do. I love it because it makes some of my quirks seem normal.

It’s Okay…

to find an idea you like on someones blog  and steal  borrow it for your own (as long as you give due credit). Thanks to The lovely East Coast Teacher over at In Pursuit of Happily Ever After who inspired this post! *Seen again yesterday at Ummm…Now What?

to love watching shows made for teens like 90210 and Privileged.

to feel better after feel better after spending too much money on a pair of shoes.

to sing Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs with the windows down in stopped traffic.

to hibernate for a few days if you feel like it.

to find comfort in discussing life issues with your blog friends over your real life friends at times.

to take a mental health day and do nothing.

to wear a skirt that you know is too short or a top you know cuts too low every now and again.

to try on overpriced shoes, clothing, jewelry and handbags that you can’t afford or will never buy. A girl can dream right?

to reapply lip gloss a million times a day. Even if you are just sitting at home alone.

to wish that your hobby/ passion was your full time career.

to look at old boyfriends pictures on Facebook and know that you’re better off as the ex.

to not love Angelina or Jen.

to have a crush on Simon Cowell.

to wish iTunes had a “frequent spender” program.

to see the best in people, even when they don’t see it in themselves.

to sneak away from work early on a Friday!

What do you have to remind yourself that it’s okay to do?


19 responses to “It’s Okay…

  1. Thank you for that last one! I think I’m going to need to treat myself to that today.

    Great list – I love it. I’m not sure I agree on the whole Simon Cowell issue but that’s okay. I certainly DO agree on the short skirt/low cut shirt. Some days looking a bit slutty just makes me happy!

  2. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought music.

    Taylor Swift may not have been born yet.

  3. I love this feature in Glamour magazine as well.

    Your list is so creative. I especially love this one:
    “…to see the best in people, even when they don’t see it in themselves”

    As for my own list–It’s okay…

    -to seize a once in a lifetime opportunity, even if it is completely unexpected

    – to skip your morning workout

    -to have zero interest in American Idol

    -to hold out for what you know you deserve

    -to love your job but still look forward to the weekends

  4. …to wear a skirt that you know is too short or a top you know cuts too low every now and again.

    I took advantage of that yesterday 😉

    And as for leaving work on Friday? I didn’t even go IN. I’m so badass!

  5. hahahaha i do likes me some simon cowell!!! these lists are fun

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  7. I like these lists – suddeny i feel like i can get away with anything! 🙂

  8. oh i love this! post and have considered doing this in the past too. i love that page in glamour and have one saved from about 3 or 4 years ago that i vowed to put up on my fridge when i got my own place….time to dig it out.

  9. I’m soooo going to hibernate this weekend. Thanks for reminding me it’s ok!

  10. The “It’s Okay” section is probably
    one of the best parts of Glamour. No

    I love your list. I’m quite a belter outer
    of Taylor Swift myself. Something about
    her 20 year old vocals just gets me hyped up.

    I think it’s okay…

    -to change my nail polish a couple times during the day.

    -to think that Kate Winslet’s dress at the Oscars’s wasn’t all that fabulous.

    -to not settle. ever.

  11. somewhat voluble

    I “stole” this to do on my blog. 🙂

  12. I looooooovvve Simon Cowell. And people think I’m weird. And I finally figured out why he is so attractive to me…. My husband is JUST like him. In a good way. 🙂 I’m totally stealing this for my post tomorrow…

  13. i have a full out crush on simon cowell as well, i think that just makes us cool.

  14. I love Self and Taylor Swift!!!

    Hope everything is going good for you! =)

  15. Love the It’s Ok section in Glamour! great blog you have here! really really nice! try to read it as often as possible! 🙂

  16. So who is winning the Jen-Jolie face-off?

  17. I have to remember that it is Ok to take time off of work…. I think for some reason that the world is gonna end if I don’t go to work everyday

  18. It’s ok to be giddy over a new boy… even when you don’t think you should be.

  19. I love taking off early on Friday. Apparently everyone else does as well because things always slow down client wise as well.

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