My Favorite Things: ME!

No silly, not really me, but M. Ellen Designs! I’ve showed her cards before in this post.

I love sending and receiving mail. People don’t do it enough any more. Buying stationary almost gets me as excited as a new pair of shoes! I’m not even kidding.

Mary Ellen is a college sorority sister of mine and she has the most adorable line of greeting cards. I LOVE them! Her shop is filled with fun “catching up” note cards, “just checking in” flat cards, invitations and much more. All of her designs are customizable with names and monograms. I’ve ordered from her before and was so impressed with her quality and professionalism.

Her blog Mostly M. Ellen, is just as cute as her cards.

Mary Ellen  is so generous that she has graciously given me  2 sets of cards for me to give to you!

Here are the rules:

1. Go to M. Ellen’s Site and pick out your favorite card. This one is my favorite!

2. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you like the best.

3. You can get an extra entry if you put a link to this contest on your blog and an additional entry if you twitter or post in your Facebook Status about it. Just leave me an additional comment and let me know where to find you!

4. Get ANOTHER entry if you join M.Ellen’s Facebook Group! Same as before…leave me an additional comment and let me know you joined! (If you are a blogger, Facebook-er, Twitter-er and leave a comment you can have up to 4 entries!)

5. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, March 13th!

6. You do not need a blog to enter, so non bloggers (old dance buddies and friends that I know lurk around here…now is your chance to come out of hiding!) I will ship the cards anywhere in North America, so Canadian bloggers you can play too!


Good Luck!!!


22 responses to “My Favorite Things: ME!

  1. somewhat voluble

    Also, I tweeted about the contest:

  2. That was tough – too many adorable options. Though, I think my favorite (so far) was: Ask me tomorrow and my opinion might change. =)

  3. I like simple best, so my favorites are the monogrammed flat cards

    Fun contest!

  4. how do i find that good luck one?! i like that a lot.

    also like these wellness ones– the makeup one:

  5. Your sorority sister is super talented!
    I love her stuff. How cute. But since I’m
    such a sucker for weddings…and I truly love
    the word whimsy…I dig the Will You Be My
    Bridesmaid? card. Adorableee.

    And what a punkin for letting you give two sets

  6. I love the Mint wedding invites. So pretty.

    Call me this week. You better. xo

  7. The horse shoe necklace one is one of my favourites! Hope you are doing well love!

  8. hi there! i am a fellow uk girl and a fellow blogger. m ellen is doing some wedding stuff for me and i couldn’t be more excited!

    my favorite m ellen card is the one that i will be using for my bridal luncheon, the derby invitation. i love the horseshoes mixed with hats 🙂 so cute and so creative!

    also, i am doing a blog post on my blog AND I am already a member of her facebook group.


  9. I personally LOVE the will you be my bridesmaid cards…just cause she did them for me. 🙂 Love you!

  10. How fun! My favorites are the tulip cards and the bridesmaid invitation cards (which, up until just now, I didn’t even know existed…what planet am I living on?)


  11. I totally dig the Enclosure Card Variety Set ( cuz you get a little bit of everything and all the cards are so cute!

  12. I’ll be ordering some “The Dress” invitations sometime soon for my best friend’s bridal shower – so those are my favorite!

    And I’m already a member of her FB group! LOVE M.E.!!

  13. My favorite is the party dress 🙂

  14. I love this one

    Actually, I loved them all…

  15. I love the one you liked!
    She´s very talented, I hope she sells a lot of beautiful cards 🙂

  16. Definitely the princess notecards!!!
    I’m doing a blog post about this as well 🙂
    adventuresinnewlywed (dot) blogspot (dot) com

  17. I love the love blossoms cards!
    so, so cute!

    also, i tweeted your post-

    love your site!

  18. I love the love tree card!! It’s so sweet!

  19. i LOVE her cards. I have a few of her wedding ones and a baby shower but my new fav is PUT ON YOUR PARTY DRESS! so cute!

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